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Week 7
~ Sickness

So, this week has just multiplied the "whenever sickness." I'm really tired of it, and it's only been a week. At least five to go, if previous experience holds true. Of course, I was a lot younger the last time I did this. Does age have any bearing on the amount of morning sickness you experience? I'm honestly not sure if this is any worse than it was with my second child, or if I just whine more than I did then! Thank goodness for my husband's willingness to pick up the slack and make sure the children get fed.

It's been a rather eventful week in my household. My oldest started getting sick on Halloween, and it seemed to go downhill from there. He stayed home from school Tuesday, and by that evening his fever was 103. For the next 7 days, the lowest his fever got with medicine was 100.6. It finally broke Monday night, but I kept him home again on Tuesday, just to make sure. He finally went back to school today after missing six days. The child LOVES school and rarely misses. You know he's sick when he doesn't argue about having to stay home. Here's hoping my youngest doesn't get it. I did get two days home out of the deal, and while they came at opportune times for me, it's never worth it if it means one of the kids is sick.

There's not really anything to report on the baby front. My only symptoms are the sickness, tiredness, and some severe breast tenderness, all of which are normal for me. My first doctor's appointment is next Thursday, the 17th, so while I normally write these on Wednesday, which is when I have figured I switch weeks, I'll wait until after my appointment next week. I might have something interesting to report! I'm also hoping for an ultrasound, just to verify my dates. I'm pretty sure of myself, but it would also be nice to have an expert tell me I'm right! It should be interesting. I'll be seeing a new doctor, and I really have no idea how this advanced maternal age issue plays out. Hopefully I'll come away from this visit a lot more confident in that respect. I guess I'll see how it goes!

Until next week,
~ Kristen

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