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Week 8
~ New Doctor

So this week was my first doctor's appointment. I'm seeing a new doctor because the doctor who delivered G and showed up too late to catch T, while still our family doctor, no longer delivers babies. Something to do with switching hospital affiliations and malpractice insurance fees. As he's also a friend of ours, I like to take the opportunity to give him grief about it every opportunity I get!

However, I really like the new doctor, so far. I realize I've only seen him once, but he reminds me a lot of the old one. He's very laid back and is already giving me a hard time. My age doesn't seem to be much of a concern to him, and we did talk about possible testing for Down Syndrome and such. Right now we are just starting with the basic blood work when the time comes. If it shows a high risk, then we will talk about other testing options. I wouldn't end a pregnancy, but it would also be something I would want to know ahead of time. It was a pretty basic appointment though. It was too early to hear a heartbeat, of course, and I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to have or schedule an ultrasound. I had early ones with both my boys, but the way he talked, 20 weeks will be my first one unless there are concerns.

He put my due date at June 25th. I'm going with the 28th. He says I change weeks on Monday, I say Thursday. Lol. I guess we'll see! I was really hoping for an ultrasound for that very purpose, since I know earlier ones are more accurate as far as due dates are concerned. Not that it matters much. G was a day late and T was two weeks early. Since T came so fast, we did talk about the possibility of inducing at 39 weeks. I'm not sure about that, but we have a long time before we have to make any decisions along those lines. And T was born at 38 weeks, so it's always possible that I won't even make it that far! I definitely have a concern about my water breaking on its own and then having a hour drive to the hospital. With T, I wouldn't have made it!

I'm feeling better, but still not perfect. I'm counting down to that 12 week mark. I have my fingers crossed, hoping and praying, that it will be magic and I will feel good again! It worked with my first one, not so much with my second. This pregnancy is definitely as different from those two as they were from each other. This one started out a lot like my second one, but it's taken on an identity of its own! So no guesses as to boy or girl. I'm already counting down to finding out. Still thinking pink, though . . .

Til next week,
~ Kristen

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