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Kristen's Parenting Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Kristen's parenting journal.

Kristen (38) is a high school English teacher. She and her husband Ken have been married for 17 years and are the proud parents of three sons: Grayson (12), Tobin (8) and Carsten (1) who is a StorkNet Baby.

Join Kristen as she shares the ups and downs of being a working mom of three.

Entry 3 - January 31, 2014
And I'm Back

It's been a little while since I've written. I admit to having four posts started, and I seem to have an inability to finish any of them! I'm going to place the blame on writer's block, and the fact that other than the holidays, which were great, we haven't had much going on in our lives these past few months. So here I go with post number 5 . . .

I say we haven't had much going on in our lives, but I guess, in all honesty, life with three boys is never dull. We have the usual school woes (Mom, do I HAVE to do my homework NOW???), and issues at home (I took a bath LAST night. Why do I have to take one TONIGHT???) My nine year-old's ability to whine is exceptional! He starts his basketball season in the next couple of weeks, and we can't wait. He will finally have an outlet for all this pent up energy he has. Winter is hard on T. He's my active one, and he's never happier than when he's playing a sport or is at least able to be outside running around. We are having an exceptionally cold winter, so this year has been even worse for him. G just finished up his basketball season last night with a heart-breaking loss in the regional championship. This group of boys works so hard and plays so well together. They are truly a team, in every sense of the word, and show great sportsmanship as well. I am so proud that my son has such a great group of friends and has the opportunity to be a part of such a great team. They showed last night how they are there for each other, no matter what. It was definitely a proud mom moment.

Then there is C. This kid is nuts. He doesn't walk, he runs. And if you say it, he will repeat it. Everything. EVERYTHING! Sometimes this is cute. Sometimes, however . . . His favorite word is basketball. Every ball is a basketball, no matter how big or how small, how hard or how soft. He got his own basketball goal for Christmas, and it's been a huge hit. I think I might have another little athlete on my hands. I'm good with that. He's growing up on the bleachers, so by the time it's his turn, he will definitely be more than ready. He's usually pretty good at games, but he has his moments! I can't say I blame him, though. Between G's games and our best friends' two sons' games, we spend a lot of time in gyms. He's growing like a weed, talking up a storm, and I really can't believe he's 19 months old already. I do not know where the time as gone, but I definitely wish I could slow it down. We are still nursing. I know, I know, I said months ago that I was ready to get him weaned. I just haven't had the patience to deal with the fits and tears that come with trying. Maybe this summer, when I have more time and more patience in general.

I also admit that part of the reason I wanted to wean him was because I was feeling judged for still nursing him. I'm not sure why this was bothering me. I nursed the other two past a year, G past two years, and I never worried about what people thought. I finally decided to just quit letting it bother me, and now I'm not nearly as concerned. So while I do want to wean him, it will happen when the time is right.

The snow and cold have us all a little stir-crazy, but overall, we can't complain! We have a warm house, warm clothes, plenty of food, and each other. What more could we want??

Til next month!

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