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Entry Two - October 16, 2013


It's been a rather uneventful month around our house. Unless you count a cranky baby. A very, very cranky baby. Who doesn't want to sleep much, and would rather make his mama's nights miserable . . .

If you count that, then yes, I guess it has been a rather interesting month! Lol. And the truth is I have no idea what's causing this crankiness. Until recently, C has been a pretty happy little guy. He doesn't usually cry when I leave him with his baby sitter in the morning, but she's pretty awesome, and to be honest, sometimes he cries when I pick him up. I'm good with that, because I know that he's happy, loved, and well-taken care of when he's there. He never used to cry when I walked out of the room or was a little slow when getting something he wanted. He really didn't even cry much at bedtime, even though he definitely has always fought sleep.


Now? Wow! He still doesn't cry when I leave him at the sitter's, usually, but the rest of those examples? He's like a whole different kid! If I even walk from the living room to the dining room, which is an open concept space, he has a fit. And if I actually climb over the gate and disappear down the hall??? It doesn't matter who else is in the living room with him, you would think the world is about to come to an end! I don't even want to talk about bedtime. I've gone from a kid who was almost weaned and would fall asleep laying beside me or cuddling on my lap (yes, I'm one of those parents who doesn't lay her children down to put themselves to sleep), to a screaming little banshee who wants to nurse nonstop to fall asleep. Then he wakes up and wants to nurse. Again. And again. And again.

Did I mention in an earlier post that my husband works nights?? So there isn't even anyone to take him in the other room and give me break! I am exhausted . . .

I just reread all of that, and I sound really whiny. Lol. I'm not. Ok, well, I am a little bit. I'd really like a good night of sleep! Actually, what I'd really like is to know what has turned my sweet little man into a cranky little beast. I'm assuming it's just a phase, and he will let me sleep eventually. My other two did, but not until the ripe old age of two. Why should this one be any different? Sigh. The trials of motherhood. I'm glad he's my third, but I really do understand phases and that this too shall pass. I do hope it's soon!


Other than this lack of sleep I'm experiencing, and the little man's crankiness, life really is pretty uneventful. G and T are participating in a bow class, sponsored by our local 4-H, that meets once a week, and T is also doing an air rifle class that meets a second night. T is also in Cub Scouts. That's not going quite so smoothly, and I have to admit that's my fault. I definitely didn't realize the amount of time and work that goes into scouts, and I'm honestly not sure I'm up to it! We are going to give it an honest try, however. We will see how it goes.

We have survived haircuts - C's first! - and pumpkin carving, and I'm including pictures of both events. School is going well for both kids, and me, and we are almost through first quarter already. It ends tomorrow, and I have no idea where the time has gone. This time last year I had only been back from my maternity leave for three weeks. Time definitely flies.

Til next month!

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