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Hi! My name is Kristen, and I'm a 38 year old mom of three sons. My husband Ken and I have been married for 17 years. We waited five years before having our first, and we now have a 12 year old, Grayson, an eight year old, Tobin, and a one year old, Carsten. Can you say surprise? The baby was definitely a shock, but we wouldn't trade him for anything, of course. Everyone tells me that he will be the one that keeps me young!

I am an English teacher in a very small school district in the Midwest. We have five small towns that feed into our school, and our high school enrollment is 119. That's a big enrollment for us. I am the English department, though this year I do share my juniors with another teacher. That's been kind of an odd adjustment since I'm used to having them all, freshmen through seniors. It's been fun to get to work with someone else for a change, however. My children attend the same school I teach in - our elementary, junior high, and high school are all interconnected - and I enjoy having them close. My hobbies include reading (when I have time), running (when I have time), and boating and camping, among others.

My husband is a shift supervisor in a factory, and he works nights. After several years of shift work, we decided that having a fixed shift would offer us some consistency and a greater ability to plan. I'm not sure at this point that we made the right decision, but we make the best of it. I always just tell myself that at least he isn't on second shift. We would probably end up divorced if that ever happened.

I really enjoyed writing a pregnancy journal while I was pregnant with Carsten. As an English teacher, I do a lot of grading of writing, but I don't get to do a lot of writing of my own. So while I'm definitely not an expert on any aspect of parenting, I am looking forward to sharing our ups and downs and adventures with all of you. Happy reading!


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