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Kristin (32) and her husband, Connors (32), were high school sweethearts and have been together for 17 years. They are the parents of five children: Ethan (11), Annabella (9), Owen (7), Eli (4) and Avalan, born June 16, 2011. Kristin is a full-time nursing student as well as a busy mother.

Join Kristin as she shares her parenting journey with us . . .

Kristin's Journal Entries

Meet Kristin

Entry 1
Work Hard, Live Hard, & Get Sick Hard!

Entry 2
Only a Couple Weeks to Go!

Entry 3
Let the Fun Begin . . .

Entry 4
Break Time!

Entry 5
Deep Breaths!

Entry 6
One More to Go!

Entry 7
Flying By!

Entry 8
Dreaming of Spring!

Entry 9
Major Funk

Entry 10
Bye-Bye April!

Entry 11

Entry 12
She's Here!!!

Entry 13
Where is the Summer Going?

Entry 14
Here comes the FALL!

Entry 15
Halloween ALREADY?!

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