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Entry 10 ~ April 21, 2011
~ Bye-Bye April!

So April hasn't been the greatest month and I'm ready to bid it farewell. The weather has been cool at best, snowy at worst. Just yesterday we received two inches of snow. Granted it all melted by dinner time, but alas, it is cold and gloomy. We had one day of 70 degree weather but I think that was just a tease, ha! Owen's birthday was a lot of fun though. We went to Brunswick Zone for laser tag and played games. The kids loved being able to play as many games as they wanted and used their points earned to pick out prizes. Owen requested a baseball cake and though it wasn't my best work, he loved it.

Owen's birthdayWe haven't really done anything exciting this month other than Owen's birthday. I started and finished mental health clinicals and am now working on community health clinicals. I have three weeks left of this semester and the end can't come quick enough! I'm ready for a nice long four month break from school. I'm hoping that Baby Girl will stay in the belly for another four weeks after I'm finished with class. Actually, I keep thinking she'll be born June 18-20, we'll see

Speaking of the pregnancy, I failed the glucose tolerance test! I predicted I would, however, I barely failed. The new two hour test went like this: your fasting glucose must be under 92, mine was 85. Then you drink the 75 glucose solution and they test you after one hour. Your blood glucose must be under 180, mine was 154. Then they test you a final time at the two hour mark and your blood glucose must be under 153. You'd think I would pass this, no? Well, no, I didn't. Mine went UP to 158! Incredible! So I met with the dietician and started on finger pricks for monitoring my blood glucose each day. So far my numbers are very low and I'm controlling the gestational diabetes with diet quite well. However, I'm not even convinced I really have it, ha! In any case I'm being careful just for peace of mind.

29 weeks 5 days ultrasoundMy friends at school threw me a baby shower last weekend and I was overwhelmed with the kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity! I received so many wonderful gifts and am completely stocked up on essentials for Baby Girl. After school is out I'll begin washing all the clothes and packing my bag. It's getting so close! Another exciting note, we had a 4-D ultrasound today and had a chance to see the Baby Girl. She looks soooo much like Anna did as a baby! Same nose and same mouth . . . truly amazing pictures! I'm so excited to meet her . . . but she must wait at least 7.5 weeks!

The kids are doing well and just as excited for warmer weather to stick around as I am. They love to be outside and play with each other for hours and hours each day. I find that everyone is much more content when we have some nice, fresh air.

Sunday is Easter and we are hosting Connors' family here for an Easter celebration as well as celebrating the April and May birthdays. His family seems to have a lot of birthdays in April and May. The kids love to have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, dye Easter eggs, and eat birthday cake. It is a good time and happily the weather is supposed to be 64 and sunny! YEAH! This reminds me though that the Easter Bunny better get prepared for Sunday morning, eeek!

May will bring Connors' and Anna's birthdays and of course Mother's Day and the end of my semester. I'm so looking forward to it all! Connors and I still have not had a chance for a date night so hopefully we'll squeeze one of those in as well. I'd love to go out with him for his birthday and sit back to really enjoy a meal and his company.

I hope you all are enjoying April We'll see you in MAY!!! YEAH!


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