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Entry 11 ~ May 24, 2011
~ Tick-Tock!

Kristin 34.5 weeksIt's the end of MAY! I really can't believe how fast May has gone by. The weather is still disappointing here, but I've all but resigned to the fact that this is how it is; still rather depressing. All in all, I'm glad that May is almost over. The most exciting aspect of the end of May is that I'm finished with school until September! I don't think that I have absorbed the thought of no class, assignments, lectures, or clinicals until fall. It is very nice not to have to run out the door as soon as Connors runs through it.

Now I'm counting down to Baby Girl making her debut. I am 34.5 weeks and had my first non-stress test today. Apparently these are standard when you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My GD has been very easily managed and my glucose numbers are well below where they need to be. I don't feel like this condition has had any impact for me personally except for the annoying finger pricks. The NST went well today and the baby is very non-stressed. Next week I have an ultrasound to measure how big she is and another NST. I feel like she is getting bigger, but my belly isn't all that big. We'll see! I had Ethan and Eli at 37 weeks, Anna at 39 weeks, and Owen on his due date at 40 weeks. I hope this baby comes around 37-38 weeks . . . I'm definitely ready!

Kristin and her childrenIt was Connors' birthday this month, Mother's Day, and Anna's birthday! It was a busy time and especially so because I had the stomach flu for four days and unfortunately that occurred over Mother's Day weekend. It was not the best Mother's Day I've ever had. I figure I'll have many more so I didn't worry too much about the day and tried to focus on feeling better. It was a yucky virus for sure. The good news was that the kids didn't get it.

Anna's birthday was a lot of fun. She enjoyed the special dinner, cake, and birthday party. I hosted a small birthday party at home for her with her five closest friends. It was a small event with a scavenger hunt and decorate-your-own-cupcake. The girls LOVED it. Two of the girls said "This is the best birthday party ever!" Simply done and they had a blast! We also took Anna to the American Girl doll store and she picked out her first American Girl doll. It was a surprise and she was ecstatic!

Happy Birthday Anna!Owen begins baseball this week and he has practice and games on Monday and Wednesday until August. He is really excited, but I'm kind of dreading it. I'm more of a non-scheduler kind of person. I like having the evenings open to do whatever we like and not have scheduled activities. Hopefully it won't be too bad and the mosquitoes don't eat us alive this summer. Obviously I'll have the baby soon and may not go to the practices each week, but I'd like to bring the baby to the games. Again, everything is on a 'we'll see' basis.

The kids finish school on June 8. I'm not sure how they will keep themselves busy this summer, but I hope the weather cooperates and they are able to play outside a lot. Ethan's birthday is right around the corner, too. Ethan's due date was the same as this baby so I've been trying to prepare him in case this Baby Girl decides to be born on his birthday as well. So many unknowns . . . just tick-tock on the clock!


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