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Entry 13 ~ August 16, 2011
~ Where is the Summer Going?

AvalanWOW!!! It is past the mid-August mark! I cannot believe it! I have been so busy enjoying the time with my children and especially with Baby Avalan. Summer is flying by in the blink of an eye and it is all too bittersweet. On the one hand, I LOVE summer! It is my favorite season. I love wearing shorts and tank tops; I love the sun. Also, since the arrival of Avalan I have wanted to enjoy every single second of this summer. She is our last baby and I find the need to try and remember every detail of her days. I want to remember how small she is and how she smells and how she smiles and coos. Each day she is growing bigger and bigger and I feel like I need to stop time. She is already two months old and weighs about twelve and a half pounds! Her first four weeks of life all she did was sleep. Being as she is my fifth baby I tried not to worry, but she definitely slept much more than any of my other kids. However, somewhere around the four week mark she woke up and has been fussy ever since, haha. Ok, she is not fussy ALL the time, only when she is awake. Despite this crankiness, I adore her! Words cannot even express how in love with her I am.

familyThe older children are doing great with the new baby and adjusting to life being a family of seven. Ethan has surprised me the most. He is very protective of Avalan and really enjoys taking care of her. He is an immense help each day. I am able to shower and cook meals with him holding her for me. It will be an adjustment for me when he returns to school in three weeks. Annabella had a more difficult time adjusting to Avalan's arrival. She was not jealous or such, more so anxious and worried. I think she was worried about something happening to the baby, though I have reassured her that Avalan will be just fine. Owen ignored the baby for the first few weeks, but now he is coming around and talks to her each day. Eli, as I suspected, had many tantrums and meltdowns, but he is much better now, too. He needed to know that he still has an important place in our family and that we loved him very much. He now enjoys helping out with Avalan, especially when she cries.

familyAs for the other hand on the end of summer, it is bittersweet because I am not looking forward to any of us returning to school, but the end is in sight for me. I graduate in December and could not be more excited to be finished! Part of me is dreading returning to school in a few weeks, but the other part of me just says "Let's get this show on the road and DONE!" We have to work out the logistics of me returning to school and beginning my preceptorship. I am sure we will need daycare or babysitters for part of this time and I am hoping that family and friends will be willing to volunteer as needed.

Ethan will begin sixth grade at the local middle school. I think this will be a difficult transition for him and me. I am so sad that he will be at another school than his siblings, but this is life and he must grow-up and I must let go. He is cautiously excited for this new journey. Anna is beginning fourth grade, Owen is starting second grade while Eli will attend his last year of preschool. It should be a great year! We have all the school supplies, clothes, and new shoes ready to go!

Father and DaughterThe end of our summer will include a trip to the State Fair! It is my very favorite time of the year and one outing I look forward to all year around. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into fresh corn on the cob, deep fried pickles, and freshly baked-ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies! This will probably not bode well for my post-baby weight loss goals, but I will indulge for one awesome day. It will definitely be an adventure to visit the State Fair with FIVE children, awww!

I hope this finds everyone in happy, healthy, and bright spirits! Until the next time . . .


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