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Entry 14 ~ September 10, 2011
~ Here comes the FALL!

Fall! A beautiful season filled with changing colors, new smells, crisp cool morning and nights, and most importantly NUMMY food! This is the month when I begin to think about apples, pumpkins, squash, and the crock pot. I love apple crisp, pumpkin bars, acorn squash, and beef stew. I am looking forward to our annual trip to the apple orchard and getting ready for Halloween. The kids have been on the internet looking at costumes almost every day trying to decide what they want to be this Halloween. At this point Ethan would like to be a zombie while Anna would like to be a Goth Girl. Eli is still deciding between Iron Man and The Terminator. Owen just cannot make up his mind at all. Avalan will be the traditional Pumpkin, wearing the same costume that each of my children have worn on their first Halloween. However, I also have a second costume for her: a beautiful fall fairy! Awww.

These past few weeks were filled with lots of outdoor activities. Connors took the kids camping and fishing. We had a lot of bike rides and park time. We also went to the State Fair and the kids had a blast!

The beginning of the school year is going well. Each child is adjusting and enjoying school, so that makes me happy, too. Ethan began middle school and though he was very nervous to begin, he really loves it now. I think it makes him feel older and more 'cool.'

I started back to school this past week as well and I am really excited about these last 89 days. Yes, I am counting down the days . . . every single day! I am so close to finishing and I cannot wait! I also received my assigned preceptorship for my capstone course. I will be working in labor and delivery at a major hospital. I literally could not be more excited! This is my dream and I am feeling like all my effort, dedication, and determination are paying off.

On a more serious note, my mom was hospitalized this week as well. She is suffering from severe pneumonia with a massive infection. They think they have it under control and finally have her pain controlled as well. The physician said that it may take up to two months for her to feel back to 'normal' again. It was very scary to find a mass on her lungs, but I am very grateful that it is 'just' pneumonia.

My goals for the next few weeks are to enjoy this season, enjoy some fun with my kids, and to get Avalan on a better nap schedule. She sleeps great at night, but is not sleeping well during the day at all. I really need to maximize nap time so that I can work on my assignments and study. I am at a loss as to how to achieve a good nap time, but I shall conquer on and figure it out! Wish me luck!

Enjoy the next few weeks!

Many blessings,

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