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Entry 15 ~ October 26, 2011
~ Halloween ALREADY?!

Ok, I've noticed a pattern with my posts. I'm constantly starting out with OH MY GOSH time is flying by! I mean, really, I just can't believe how fast the time goes! Each month (this being almost two months since I posted, I apologize!) starts out with "WOW, October already" and ends with "HALLOWEEN already?!" Yes, of course with the respective month at hand. It's mind boggling.
,br> On that note, Fall is going well. We have visited the apple orchard, used the crock pot, made apple crisp and apple pie, pumpkin bars and pumpkin pancakes, acorn squash and butternut squash, beef stew and beef pot roast, haha! NUM! The kids' costumes are ready to go and they are super pumped for our annual pumpkin carving party on Saturday. Ethan and Owen decided to be phantoms while Eli found a knight costume that he really liked. Anna is going to be a Goth Little Red Riding Hood, funny girl!

This past weekend we suffered from food poisoning. It was awful! Only Connors, Anna, Owen and I got it and we all had eaten chili for dinner that night. We ended up homebound the entire weekend. It was a very challenging time for Connors and me. I started the line-up of sickness while he took care of the baby. However by the next day he was ill as well. We realized that we needed help with the baby while we were both in bed yet there was no one around to help. It was very eye opening and sad to think that of all our friends and family no one would come. In the end I texted my aunt and she came over and rocked the baby to sleep for me. I was so grateful, so exhausted, and left with a sadness I didn't expect.

Avalan had her four month appointment and weighed in at 16 lbs and 11 oz. She is a chunky monkey and perfect! Her nap schedule is still something left to be desired. She naps for about 45 minute stretches three times a day. It is not fun and does not leave me with anytime for studying or homework. I feel like I'm constantly running against the clock and never really getting anywhere. I only have 44 days left of school but I have a huge paper and project to complete as well as my preceptorship hours. Again, that darn time flying by!!

We have also decided to remodel the kitchen . . . yeah, sure, why not throw one more project into our craziness! Ha! Actually I'm quite excited about it and have picked out appliances, cabinets, and flooring. I haven't found countertops that I like yet. I also need to think about backsplash tile colors as well. It's all very fun and quite a distraction.

I hope everyone has a super Halloween and many blessings for Thanksgiving!

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