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Entry 2 ~ November 5, 2010
~ Only a Couple Weeks to Go!

HalloweenOur Halloween was good! Ethan and Owen were ninjas, Anna was an angel, and Eli just couldn't make up his mind. He went back and forth between a tiger and a gorilla. Finally he decided to be a tiger for his preschool party and a gorilla for trick or treating. I had clinicals at the hospital Halloween weekend and came home at 4:30 pm on Halloween. We ordered pizza and then got the kiddos ready for trick or treating. Connors and my mom took the kids out while I began the massive paper writing. I finished with sixty-four pages, a good decrease from the eighty pages last semester. One more round of these clinical and another paper, then done! Oh, and the final as well.

November 18 is the goal date! My current course ends on November 18th. This course is thought to be the most intense. I'm counting down by the hour! Okay, well not really by the hour, but pretty close. I'm also so looking forward to Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday. I am the pie maker. I make pumpkin, apple, pumpkin cheesecake, pecan, and French silk pies from scratch. I'm also considering making a chocolate cranberry tart, num! In addition, I make the mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Connors has a huge family with lots of nieces and nephews. It is an all around great day filled with fun, family and FOOD!

halloweenSince we're talking about holidays, I bought a Christmas tree today and am very excited! I love a good bargain! I was searching for a new pre-lit Christmas tree with multi-colored lights and found an ad on Craigslist for a "Christmas garage sale". The woman hosting the sale buys her trees and decorations on 90% off clearance from the year before and then sells then for 75% off retail price which equates to great deals for me! I was so excited to get a brand-new-in-the-box Christmas tree, tree skirt, pillows, table cloth, table runner, angel sign, and two pairs of socks for $90! The kids are jumping for joy and ready to put the tree up tonight. However, we will wait until after Thanksgiving.

The kids are so very excited for the holidays. They are writing and rewriting their Christmas lists again and again. I find so much joy in their innocent excitement. It's hard to believe it is already November and the holidays will be here and over so quickly! I'm making a true effort this year to really enjoy it and be thankful. As for this moment, we are enjoying the last few days of bearable weather to be outside and play. We've pulled out the gloves and the winter coats some days as well. One of our favorite family activities is walking the dog after dinner. We only walk around the block, but everyone enjoys it. We are cleaning out the garage this weekend and hanging the bikes up to make room for Connors car to park in the winter month.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter." Have a great week!

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