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Entry 3 ~ November 27, 2010
~ Let the Fun Begin . . .

ChristmasI can't believe how fast time is going lately. Thanksgiving came and went. It is my favorite holiday of the year. Food! Family! More food! Connors has a large family with lots of nieces and nephews and our kids love to play with their cousins for hours while Connors and I relax and chat the day away with my in-laws. It's always a lovely, laid-back day with people coming back for seconds, thirds, or even fourths! I am the official pie maker and baked six pies: pecan, apple, pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake, and two French Silks. Delicious!

Now we are gearing up for Christmas. The lights, sounds, and sites are in the air! Connors had Thanksgiving week off from work so we went to visit Santa. I'm sure Ethan and Anna have their doubts, but alas, you must believe to receive, so they play along well for Owen and Eli. We also put up the Christmas tree and gathered the children around for a Christmas card picture. So, anyone with kids, and especially four kids, knows how extremely difficult it is to get a good Christmas card picture. Let's just say this year was no different! Oh, the frustration just to get everyone to look in one direction with a less-than-cheesy look on their face. I was almost in tears at the end and I'm sure they were ready to bolt at any moment. I finally snapped one semi-acceptable shot and called it a night. I'm really glad we only have to do that once a year!

ChristmasMy school is settling down until January. I have OB rotation now and since I'm quite familiar in this area it's a piece of cake. I'm relishing this 'down' time and very much looking forward to a nice Christmas with my family. I went shopping on Black Friday, but only to Target and Toys R Us. I made a great big dent in my holiday shopping list and now have to psych myself up to wrap it all. I love seeing the kids' faces as they see more presents under the tree and then run over to check the name on each package. I remember doing that as a child and the excitement that builds up until Christmas morning!

Speaking of excitement, turns out we'll have a lot more excitement come June! We found out about a much unexpected surprise five weeks ago. Baby #5 will arrive at the end of June! Our official due date is July 2, but I've gone early with all my kids except for Owen who arrived on his due date. We had always planned to have a fifth baby, but those plans were at least a year away. Apparently the universe had different ideas for us and, alas, here we go again! We had an eight week ultrasound and saw a strong heartbeat. I haven't felt super excited yet, but that is probably mainly due to the fact that I feel sick most every day. I'm hoping that as the weeks pass and I begin to feel better that I am tickled pink with the upcoming each addition! Oh, and pink would be great!

I hope your days ahead are bright and merry! See you soon!

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