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Entry 5 ~ January 11, 2011
~ Deep Breaths!

Family!I feel like I haven't written in ages! I'm finally catching up again. Christmas was great! The kids had a super fun time and were delighted with their gifts. We enjoyed the school break all around. I can't say we even did much outside of the house over break, but it was so nice not to *have* to do anything either. We watched a lot of movies and had lots of fun floor picnics. For the first time since I can ever remember I didn't make it to midnight on New Year's Eve. I was so tired by 11pm and just crashed! Anna (8) and Eli (3) made it to midnight together while everyone else went to bed, haha!

When the day came to return to school there was much disappointment. It took the entire first week back to school to adjust again. Now we are back to the old routine and everything is dandy. However, my school work has been insane in the past 10 days and I'm barely hanging on this week. I had class this past Saturday and clinicals on Sunday. Then came the nursing care plan paper after clinicals. I finished it in a record 13 hours and am pleased to be done with another one. Although I still have three more assignments due this week, PHEW! Right now I'm enjoying a break with tea and homemade brownies, num, num!

Tonight is a milestone night. Connors and I are heading to the middle school that Ethan will attend next year of orientation. I can't believe Ethan will be going into middle school in the fall! Where did the time go and how is he growing up so fast? I actually woke in the middle of the night last week and couldn't fall back to sleep because of my anxiety at the thought of him going to middle school. I hope he adjusts better than I do.

ChristmasAnna has been taking piano for eight months. She doesn't want to do it anymore, but we are not allowing her to quit. We think that she needed to at least put a one year commitment into it and then we'll discuss it. It's such a hard decision because if she isn't enjoying it is it really worth it? Connors and I both think it is, and hope that she'll learn to enjoy it more. Ethan is doing great in band and his concert was great! He has another one in February and I'm already looking forward to it.

Owen is doing great in his after-school program. He was enrolled in this program for extra enrichment. He is a different kind of kid from Ethan and Anna, and we had to learn how to meet his learning needs in a different way. I can see the great progress and am really excited about it.

Eli will be turning FOUR on Sunday! WOW! Again, where did the time go? I can remember his birth like it was yesterday and now already four! I have class all day Saturday so we are throwing a party for him at Chuck E Cheese instead of home. Due to my huge assignment load and class on Saturday I decided to order his birthday cake. It was a very difficult decision for me as I ALWAYS make my kids' cakes. The cakes I make are very intricate and usually take me 5-6 hours to decorate. I just didn't have the time this week to devote to it and felt horribly guilty. It's amazing the guilt we place on ourselves even when we know it's not rational.

Baby #5 is doing great! I started to feel her/him last week moving around. Now I'm feeling the little kicks much more consistently and it makes me happy and relieved. I have my 16 week appointment on Friday.

Until next time . . . have a great January! Stay warm!!

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