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Entry 6 ~ January 29, 2011
~ One More to Go!

January is almost over! YEAH! January is my least favorite month. Long, cold, dreary, nothing to look forward to . . . just a month to plow through! I'm so glad that it is coming to an end. February will bring some changes. I begin a new course, Community Health. It will encompass community health nursing, mental health nursing, and hospice care. I am really looking forward to it. In addition, I have 24 hours to complete on a neuro unit and I think that will be very interesting as well.

My OB/L&D clinicals went well and still reinforces how much I would love to work in that area after I graduate. Pregnancy, birth, and post-partum have always been my passion. On that note, I used to work at a hospital and went for a visit last week to peek on the baby. I am now 18 weeks and we found out the gender during our little 'peek' however the picture printing was not working that day so we are waiting for our diagnostic 20 week ultrasound to share the gender. Suffice to say this baby was very modest! When we first looked the legs were crossed, cord between the legs, AND hand crossed over the 'sneak peek' areas! LOL! After about an hour it finally decided to give up the goods. I also received news from my OB office that the quad screen results (Trisomy 18, neural tube defects, Down Syndrome) came back normal. That was a relief and happy moment. This baby was a surprise and I pray for a healthy, happy, and strong baby every day. That being said, we are definitely done with having children after this baby. I have made a consultation appointment for my husband to undergo a vasectomy! Done, done, done!

February should be an exciting month for our family, too. My sister is due to give birth around February 27. She is expecting a little girl and this will be the first baby girl in the family since my daughter (8.5 years old) was born. It has been fun to buy pink!! I am looking forward to meeting my new niece as well as finding out her name that has been kept under wraps.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese New Year. It is a week early, however my sister-in-law has to work next weekend so this is the weekend to celebrate. It is always fun time. Lots of great food, family, and the kids love the Lucky Money envelopes. My mother-in-law's birthday always falls in the same week as Chinese New Year so we celebrate that along with it. I am making Chocolate coconut cream cupcakes, Strawberry vanilla cream cupcakes, and Lemon meringue cupcakes. I am the cupcake girl and always try to come up with a different creation for special events.

Tonight is DATE NIGHT!! This is a rare event and I can't wait! My mom is taking Anna and Eli over night and a friend of ours is taking Ethan and Owen. We aren't doing anything too exciting, just dinner and a movie and perhaps browsing strollers (I know, romantic, eh?), but it'll be alone time and that is A-OK with me!

Time to get crackin' on those cupcakes! Have a great couple weeks everyone! I will update after our 20 week ultrasound, can't wait! Many blessings!


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