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Entry 7 ~ February 16, 2011
~ Flying By!

KristinFebruary is flying by! I can't believe it's already past mid-point of February!! January was so slow and March will be here before we know it, yeah!! Bring on spring! The temperatures have been excellent here this week (in the 30s) and so much better than subzero we were experiencing for so long. The kids are loving playing outside in the snow. In fact, Ethan decided to shovel off our big patio in the backyard so he could play basketball, haha! I hope this week isn't just a teaser and the temps stay in the 30s for awhile.

School is going well. It is very busy (surprise!) right now. I have hospice care hours, community health hours, mental health hours, clinical hours, and enrichment hours to complete as well as writing a nursing research paper. Each week is planned out very carefully to make sure child care is available when needed and study times are laid out clearly so everyone knows what we are supposed to be doing. The kids and Connors are champs! They are so supportive and really go with the flow. We went to their school social last week and had a good time. Although Eli is now battling a temperature of 103 and a cough yesterday and today. I think perhaps he picked something up there; but alas, such is life. Friday is an international festival at their school that I'd really like to take them to so I'm hoping that everyone is healthy and happy by then.

On to exciting news! I'm a new auntie again! YEAH! My sister gave birth last week. Kylee Annemarie is her name and she is so sweet! My sister wanted a med-free birth and was doing so fantastic with that. Then at 8cm her doctor checked her cervix and found the baby to be breech! So they rushed to have a c-section. My sister was very disappointed, but both of them are healthy, happy, and strong so in the end everything is ok, just not what she planned. It's so exciting to have a beautiful baby around again.

20 week ultrasoundIn addition, to our new family member, we had our 20 week ultrasound last week, coincidentally the same day Kylee was born. Our baby is healthy and very active. AND . . . it's a GIRL!! Yeah! I'm so happy and excited to finally have another baby girl and a sweet cousin to Kylee! She sucks her thumb quite a bit. At 18 weeks she was sucking her thumb as well. HA! I've already been shopping and love all the pinks, purples, fun greens, and such in her closet Now just to sail through the next four months. I think I need a prenatal massage as I'm getting so tight in my shoulders and neck. Overall though, great happiness!

Ethan and Anna are participating in the science fair next week so we'll be helping them finish up their projects. The next few weeks will be relatively laid back until March begins and more fun things pop up! Have a great couple weeks everyone!


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