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Entry 8 ~ March 8, 2011
~ Dreaming of Spring!

Every single day I wake up and think "Is it spring yet? Where is SPRING?" I look out the window and all I see is snow, snow, snow. To make matters worse, more snow is coming! As you can probably guess, I'm so over winter! I need sun and temps above 40 would be nice, too! I am excited to walk to pick up my kids from school each day. I'm excited to play on the playgrounds again. I'm excited to begin my garden preparation. In the meantime, I just wait. And though the days are still flying by, each day brings the same: cold, white snow on the ground, class, homework, cleaning . . . etc etc. I'm ready for change!

Ok, enough whining from me. Let's see . . . what's been going on? Actually not much, lol! I have my 24 week appointment this Friday. The baby moves around all the time and that makes me smile. I'm hungry around the clock, yup, all the time! I know I have gained more weight with this one that the other kids. I just can't help being hungry!

The kids all had coughs and colds these past few weeks. One child would pass it to the next and the cycle would start over again. Owen's cough and cold turned into a double ear infection, but has since cleared up. Luckily, Connors and I dodged the bullet and neither of us got sick.

I began hospice clinicals for school. I have an assigned nurse that I shadow and we go to people's homes to care for them. They are not what I expected, but very interesting to me. This experience really puts one in touch with the human aspect of nursing, hospice care, and the dying process. It is like another journey, almost comparable to birth. A journey to someplace else, surrounded by family. After hospice I begin mental health on a locked unit at the hospital. I'm a bit nervous, or perhaps apprehensive, of this clinical. We'll see how it goes.

Unfortunately this journal entry isn't very exciting, lol . . . nothing new to report. I have class a lot this week and a family birthday party on Sunday that I'm looking forward to. The kids begin spring break next week and mine is the following week. We don't have any grand plans for this time off, maybe something will pop up. This will make March fly by, too, I think. And then APRIL! Yeah, glorious, happy APRIL!! SPRING!

Have a great couple weeks!


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