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Entry 9 ~ March 28, 2011
~ Major Funk

Happy Spring to you all! Oh, wait, Mother Nature changed her mind; we're back to cold, snowy winter here again. Yup, all the snow melted, the 50 degree temperatures arrived for a week and then POOF . . . gone! And not only gone, but another 3 inches of snow fell and covered our recently snow-free yard again. The temperatures have not risen above 35 again and the snow doesn't seem to be going anywhere. In theory we're supposed to be at 50 degrees on Friday and then into the 40s again next week. Suffice to say, I'm so over winter!!!

I think this weather is influencing this huge funk I'm in, too. The kids were on spring break two weeks ago and every single one of them was diagnosed with Influenza A. We all received the flu vaccine this season, but according to our doctor it wasn't very affective this year. Anna went down first, then Owen, then Ethan, then Eli. We were all on Tamiflu (which is very expensive, btw!). I was on it preventatively due to pregnancy and Connors was on it preventatively due to his asthma. However, he ended up in urgent care with pneumonia and bronchitis that same week! I, somehow, managed to stay healthy . . . but I was stuck in the house for almost 10 days caring for everyone else. The kids never left the house during their spring break except for trips to the doctor's office. It was horrible, not to mention that was the week when the temperatures were in the 50s all week and we just looked out the window.

My spring break from school was this past week, and I use both those words lightly. It was cold and I had a research paper to write, but nice not to have to go to campus. This week I begin mental health clinicals and have an exam. April will be a busy month in regards to school work. I'm done with course work on May 12! It can't come soon enough.

So, I've been home bound for quite awhile. This past weekend we got out and visited our family and shopped a bit; the kids also played outside quite a bit as well. However, Connors and I haven't had a date night in what seems like a bagillion years and quite frankly I could use a break from kids, school, housework etc. The main problem with this is we have very few people to ask to babysit unfortunately.

Ok, not to make this entire update negative. The kids are happy again now. They are counting down to summer. April starts the season of birthdays around here. Owen will turn 7 in April, Connors' birthday is in May, Anna will turn 9 in May, and Ethan will turn 11 in June. Baby Girl is set to arrive sometime the end of June as well! It will be a fun, crazy few months!

Owen has decided that he wants to play baseball this summer so I signed him up for that. Ethan is required to participate in the summer band program while Anna is registered for Girl Scout camp. Eli is a mama's boy and decided not to do any summer programs. I shall see how all this goes with a newborn in tow! I am not excited with the summer band program hours. They are either 11:15-12pm or 4:15-5pm Mon-Thur. Neither of these times seems ideal. Either we are putting our day on hold while waiting for Ethan to be done with band each day or we are rushing back to get him to band in the late afternoon. A morning session or evening session would be better, I think.

Baby Girl is doing great! She's growing well and very active, actually by far my most active baby yet. I'm excited to meet her in June, but not wishing away this pregnancy at all. I'm really enjoying her with me and trying to savior each little kick, punch, and roll. I'm 26 weeks now and it is truly flying by! Next week is the glucose test and according to my OB the screening numbers for passing have changed. The test at my OB office is now a standard 2 hour test. You arrive after fasting for at least 8 hours, they take a fasting BG level, then you drink the ickyness and wait an hour, then take another BG level, and then you wait another hour and they repeat it one last time. Sounds very fun, HA! I have a feeling I won't be passing this test, I'll keep you updated!

Anyways, I hope my next entry is much happier and positive. Spring must arrive! Mother Nature here is your call . . . COME BACK!!!!! ;-) Have a great start of April, everyone!


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