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Birth Story
~ Meet Colton Maverick!

When I last posted, it was the Friday before I was set to be induced on Monday, June 13th. That weekend we tried to keep as busy as possible to pass the time. Luckily for us on Sunday night, the Mavericks were playing the 6th (and FINAL) game of the NBA Championship Finals. We were definitely looking forward to that; plus it gave me a few hours to keep my mind off the next day (since I was so excited and anxious). Brandon's parents came over for dinner that night and ended up staying way too late for what I was hoping, but I knew I couldn't go to bed that early anyway due to all the excitement of the baby and the Mavs, finally winning an NBA Championship. After I FINALLY sat down to enjoy the game, I started feeling some contractions, but figured they would probably stop, once I relaxed. The contractions continued for about an hour or two and then eventually stopped. I guess from all the excitement of the game and what was to come the following morning my body was preparing itself.

On Monday morning I was to call the hospital at 4:30 A.M. to make sure they had a room available for me. I was up around 3:30 from pure excitement and nervousness and when I called at 4:30 they told me my room would be ready! Brandon and I both finished getting ready and left our house around 5. Once I got to the hospital, they checked me in and took me to my room. I changed out of my clothes and into my lovely hospital gown and was ready to get the show on the road. Of course for the first hour we were really just doing prep work and waiting for my doctor. I felt extremely lucky that my doctor was already called before 7 that morning to check on me and make sure we were already there. My doctor said that I could go ahead and get an epidural before anything started but I wanted to hold off until I started feeling contractions. I am not really sure why I wanted to feel contractions, but I did. So shortly after my doctor came in to break my water and check my dilation as well. At that point I was about a 1-2. He asked one more time if I was sure I did not want the epidural yet and I said yes. So he proceeded to break my water. It was extremely painful, but what could I expect since he was going to let me get the epidural prior to that. For some reason I did not remember it being so painful when I was induced with Kaydon. Once he broke my water, the nurse started the Pitocin. My doctor projected that Colton would be born between 2 and 3 that afternoon. At this point I decided that I would have them place an epidural in but I did not want to actually start the medicine yet. So, the anesthesiologist came in and placed my epidural; again much more painful than I remembered with Kaydon.

Shortly after everything started, the contractions started coming and they were getting pretty painful and intense quickly. Once the contractions were coming pretty much one on top of the other, I asked to have my epidural turned on. I really commend anyone that can go through labor and delivery without any pain medicine. I was checked again around 10 and was still at 2 but completely thinned out and his head was really low. The nurse did say that getting to a 4 was the hardest part and that things always seemed to really progress quickly after that. Around this time our families started showing up. My mom and grandma, Brandon's parents and his aunt. We told them not to get there right at 6:30 when we got there because we wanted to get settled in and have a little time to ourselves. With Kaydon, Brandon's parents beat us to the hospital that morning and while we appreciate everyone's love and support, we wanted a little time to ourselves.

From this point everything started to move really fast. The nurse came to check me around 11:30 and I was dilated to a 6/7. She said my doctor would come back around 1 to check on me. Shortly after she finished checking me, I started to feel like I needed to use the restroom (which I have heard was a sign it was time to push). Luckily my doctor came around 12:30. When he arrived, our families stepped out and were waiting in the hall. After he checked me, he said, "Let's have us a baby!" I was completely shocked that it was already time. He stepped out in the hall and told our family to give us "about 15 minutes." They asked for what and he said to have a baby! I think they were completely shocked as well. So they went and stepped into the L&D waiting room. Brandon's mom and aunt left to go pick up Kaydon because we had said that we wanted him to be the first to meet baby Colton. We thought that it may help him adjust if he was able to introduce "his baby" to everyone else.

My doctor had me do one practice push and started saying, "stop, stop!" Colton was definitely ready to arrive! The doctor and nurses started setting everything up in the room, which took about 15 minutes for everything. After that the doctor told me to push. I pushed one time and Colton's head was out! Brandon and I were so shocked because I literally pushed for over two hours with Kaydon. After his head arrived I did not even have to push anymore because the doctor just kind of pushed on my stomach and guided him out. We did not hear him crying at first, which I think would freak anyone out, but the doctor assured us everything was fine. Once his nose and mouth were cleared, he let out a big cry and we both looked at each other with relief. The doctor placed him on my stomach and I instantly fell in love all over again!

Colton Maverick came into the world at 12:53 P.M. Brandon went and let all our family know everything went great but we were still waiting on Kaydon to get to the hospital before we would let any of the other family come in and see him. I asked if I could try to breastfeed him right away and he was a champ from the very beginning. Once Kaydon arrived, Brandon brought him in to the room. He was a little freaked out because he has never seen me in a hospital bed with all the IVs and equipment around. He sat in my lap for a few minutes and was really interested in his baby brother. After that the family all came into the room and got to meet Colton. We were all so in love.

We stayed in the hospital for two nights and had lots of visitors. Colton picked up on nursing right away and although we have had a few rough days, it has been an amazing experience for both of us. My mom stayed two nights with us once we were home, but we have been on our own since then. I can not even begin to explain how you can love two little boys so much, but I do! I know throughout my journal I talked about my fears of having two children and how Kaydon would handle not being the center of attention 24/7, but I can honestly say I could not have imagined it going any better. Kaydon absolutely loves his baby brother and (so far) has not had any jealousy issues. I would say the toughest time has been when I am feeding the baby when we are home by ourselves because it is inevitable that Kaydon will need something or have to use the potty. But we are adjusting just fine.

Colton has been a great sleeper pretty much from the beginning. He usually goes down between 10 and 11 at night and wakes around 4, but goes back to sleep within an hour to hour and a half. I could not imagine my life without my sweet Colton and cannot wait to continue to watch his and Kaydon's relationship grow. Kaydon told me the other day that his baby brother was his "best friend" and it melted my heart.

Thank you so much to every one for following my pregnancy journal and especially thank you to Maribeth for giving me this opportunity. I cannot wait to be able to look back at this time 15 years from now and relive my experiences all over again.

We do plan on having another child, God willing, down the road, so until next time I hope everyone has happy and healthy pregnancies and a lifetime of happiness! Thanks again!

Until next time!!!
Colton Maverick
June 13, 2011 at 12:53 P.M.
8 lbs 2 oz., 19 1/2" long
~ Kristina

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