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Week 12 ~ December 10, 2010
~ Pick a Date?!?!

12 week ultrasoundThis week was pretty good. It started with Brandon and me getting Kaydon a puppy for Christmas. I wish we could have waited to give it to him on Christmas morning but it was a free puppy (Boston terrier mix) and we did not have a place to house the puppy until then. That's alright though, I am sure Santa will still be good to him anyway. On Saturday we went to a Christmas parade in our city. I have gone the last three years now with my best friend and her husband and this was Brandon's first year to be able to go. We all had a great time and it was so fun to watch Kaydon's face light up every time a float or band would come by. I just love watching the amazement in his eyes when he sees some thing new to him.

On Monday, Brandon went out of town and came home on Wednesday night. It seems like he travels a lot for his job but that really is not the case; it has just been quite a bit here lately in a short period of time. Of course we always miss him when he's gone.

On Wednesday I had my first official doctor's appointment! They did the usual--weight, pee in a cup, medical history, and history of Kaydon's birth. Then came the dreaded Pap test. I literally just had one at the beginning of September (before I started the Clomid) but I guess they just wanted to do another. Oh well, I would rather be safe than sorry. After he finished all that, he said he would like to give me another sonogram if that was alright with me. Really!?!? Of course it is alright with me. So I went over to the sonogram room and got to see my little angel on the screen. The only bad thing was that Brandon was not able to be there since he was out of town, but he got to see the pictures. The baby was moving all around and it actually looked like a baby this time! The heartbeat was 160 bpm. I asked if she could even tell what it was but she said it was too early and right now all it would be was a guess. Well I did not want her to guess because honestly anyone can guess; I mean you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Everything looks great and healthy so far so I do not think I will have another sonogram until 20 weeks; and then hopefully we can find out what we are having!

12 Weeks ultrasoundAfter the sonogram I went to have a consultation with my doctor. He said that if it was alright with me and I wanted to, he would go ahead and let me pick the date for this one's arrival. What? Seriously?!? I guess I should include a little back story. When I was pregnant with Kaydon, my doctor then (a different one because of having a different insurance) induced me at 38 weeks and 5 days due to Kaydon's larger size. Well, since I did not have any complications with Kaydon's birth, my doctor now is going to go ahead and let me pick this one's induction (as long as everything continues to progress like it should, which I pray that it will). So, he told me I could pick any day starting June 13th on. I was a little shocked and taken back by this, so I told him I would want to discuss it with Brandon before I set a date. We are leaning towards the 13th (which is a Monday) because my birthday is the 14th and my father-in-law's is the 15th. Everyone is like why don't you have this baby on your birthday and I really just want him or her to have their own day. But of course I will be considered full tern as of, I believe, June 1st so this baby could really come any time after that. I just know that I have no longer than the 13th to wait which makes it seem not so bad. (A little side note, the doctor that I have now is the one that delivered Brandon. I think it will be pretty neat to be able to say that this baby was delivered by the same baby as his or her daddy!)

On a sad note, I would like everyone to pray for a close family friend of ours. The wife was pregnant with their second child and due about two weeks after I am, but she lost her baby last week. I know it must be very hard on them. They actually have a daughter that is 10 months younger than Kaydon, but they will actually be in the same grade because of the way their birthdays fall. We were all excited because our new baby and theirs would be the same age as Kaydon and their first daughter, but sadly that does not look like it is going to happen. I know that God has a plan for everything, so I just pray for their healing in this time of need. And, that they will be blessed with another child soon.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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