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Weeks 13 & 14 ~ December 22, 2010
~ Second Trimester and Sickness!

Hi everyone!

Apparently somewhere in my journaling and math calculating, I have become a week behind. Therefore, I am including both weeks 13 and 14 this week and as of today I am officially starting my 15th week; which also means I am officially in the second trimester by ALL calculations. I have heard so many different "your second trimester starts this week or that" that I just say at 14 weeks you are officially in the second trimester.

Last week started off good. We were not really doing too much, although we have definitely been busy getting ready for Christmas. Thursday night we took Kaydon to his first NBA game. Brandon and his dad have season tickets but his parents were going out of town so his dad gave me the ticket. Since Kaydon is still so young, he does not have to have his own ticket and we decided to take him along with us. He LOVED it! He was so fascinated with all the lights and music. It was too cute. He did tell me he was ready to go around the middle of the third quarter; lucky for him and me we had planned to leave at the end of the third quarter anyway. Our team was winning by quite a bit so we wanted to beat the traffic.

Friday rolled around and I was going to take the day off of work because I had an extra day and needed to get a little shopping done as well. Thank goodness I took that day off because by Thursday night I could hardly see out of my left eye. I ended up having to go to the eye doctor and I had an eye infection, not pink eye thankfully since it's so contagious. I did have to suffer through with no make up on that eye and glasses for about a week. The doctor could not prescribe the medicine he originally would have due to the pregnancy so I ended up with this nice goopy medicine to put in my eye twice a day.

This week has started off the same, just still getting ready for Christmas and Brandon and my long awaited time off work. Again, I was going to take Friday off because I had the extra day and wanted to get a few things done. Friday morning I woke up and was getting ready and out came Kaydon. I went over to pick him up and noticed that he was burning up. Great, a fever! I was dropping him off at the baby sitter for just a few hours while I ran a few errands since I could not take him. I went and picked up the babysitter (she is an older lady that we lived next door to until we bought our new house in April, but she still loves watching Kaydon). It helps us out a lot and she really enjoys it. When I went to drop them off at the house, I put Kaydon on the counter and he got sick everywhere. Great, throw up! After picking him up a few hours later, the neighbor told me that he did not get sick again but did sleep a lot while I was gone. Fast forward to Friday night and a few more throw up episodes. I could NOT get him to keep any Motrin or Tylenol down and I could tell his fever was still rising. (Of course, when I need a working thermometer I can not find one!) Finally Brandon and I both looked at each other and said we need to take him to the emergency room or something because his fever was getting scary high. I called my friend, a nurse, and she suggested where I should take him. We got him in to this after hours children's clinic at about 8 that evening. When they took his temperature, it registered 105.1! I almost lost it. After talking to the doctor she told us she suspected strep. And sure enough, the strep test came back positive. Great, strep throat! They kept us there after he was finally able to keep down some Motrin to make sure his temperature came down. After about 45 minutes, his temperature had come down to 100.5. She prescribed us some antibiotic and off we went to Walgreens. The doctor also said that he would be contagious until he had his antibiotics in his system for 24 hours.

So far Brandon and I both feel fine and do not have any signs of strep. I did go home and wash everything to try and ward off any possible infection that we had not already been exposed to. I was glad that Kaydon started feeling better that next day but sad because due to the fact that he was contagious, we were not able to partake in any of our Christmas parties for that next day. My families' Christmas is always the Saturday before Christmas, which happened to be this past Saturday and Kaydon could not go. Since Kaydon was doing a lot better, Brandon stayed home while I went to the Christmas for about two hours. I really wanted to go since one of my cousins was coming in town and has not been able to come for about three years now. I had a good time, but of course I wished Brandon and Kaydon could have been there. We also had to cancel a dinner party we had scheduled for that Saturday night with some of Brandon's cousins. I would not want to get their three children infected. Thankfully, Kaydon seems to be doing great.

On the pregnancy front, there is not too much new. I really want to know what I am having. I go back and forth so often that I really have no idea. Most of the time, I think boy but then there are times I think girl. I guess I will find out in six weeks. I have been noticing more pain in my tailbone lately. I asked my doctor at the last appointment and really he said there was not much you could do for that. It is probably my body just loosening due to all the hormones. My breasts have definitely grown. I will have to get new bras here pretty soon. And, they have started getting sore again. I sure wish that symptom would go away. I have also noticed that when I sleep on one side of my hip for awhile, it wakes me up in pain. I definitely remember this from Kaydon. It wakes me up and I have to turn over. I guess my body is just slowly starting to get me ready for that newborn phase again. I am so excited to add another bundle of joy to our family, but some times I am just not ready for that newborn phase again. I remember those sleepless nights and 1 am, 3 am, 4:30am feedings from Kaydon and I am honestly not excited. I know that once I see my little angel all that will go away.

I am also not sure what it will be like to have two kids instead of just one. I am so ready to see Kaydon with his brother or sister but at the same time, I want to make sure that I am still giving Kaydon all the love and attention he needs. I know that millions of people have two or more children and I will survive. I think I am just having worries about these things because it is the unknown.

Well, Christmas is in three days and we are all so excited. Kaydon is excited for Santa to come, although I have to admit I am not sure he quite gets who and what Santa does. We have both our families over on Christmas day and do a big Christmas lunch/dinner and exchange presents. I am so excited for Christmas, not only for the gifts, but just spending time with family. Plus we always go to Christmas Eve Mass and I love that as well. Brandon and I are both off work starting tomorrow until the Monday after New Year's! I am definitely looking forward to much needed time off work.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas or a great Holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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