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Weeks 15 & 16 ~ January 5, 2011
~ Christmas, Vacation, New Years & It's a . . . !!!

Christmas MorningAgain, I have to apologize for being a week late. The holidays are definitely a crazy time and I had the week in between Christmas and New Years off, so we went on a mini vacation. I will definitely make it a New Year's resolution to be better at journaling once a week!

These past two weeks have definitely been full of surprises. We had a great Christmas and loved spending time together as a family. On the 23rd we went to visit Santa. It was a mad house at the mall we went to and we had to wait in line for over two hours. Yes, I realize that Kaydon will probably never remember this visit but I have taken him every year and didn't want him to not see Santa just because we waited until the last minute. Of course as you can tell from the picture he was not the least bit thrilled at actually sitting in his lap. LOL! He loves Santa and gets excited to see him but when it came time for him to actually sit in Santa's lap we almost had a meltdown. Luckily, I got a decent picture and we were on our way.

Christmas Eve we had a really good day as well. My dad came over that morning to do Christmas with us because Christmas Day my mom comes over and it is best for them to not really be that close for that long. It just makes it easier for everyone. I wish it were different but it's not so I make the best of it. It's not about when you celebrate Christmas, it is about the people you are spending it with and, of course, the birth of Christ. That afternoon / evening we spent it with Brandon's parents. We met them for Christmas Mass. It was nice but we ended up having to go to a different church than usual so it was a little different than what we are used to. It really didn't feel like Christmas Eve Mass like usual. We went back to their house, had dinner, and then exchanged presents with them. They come over on Christmas Day but last year there was too much going on and no one could pay attention to who got what from whom. I liked it this way because it was a smaller group and we got to take our time in opening presents and just be together. Kaydon definitely LOVES opening presents now. He did not get the idea of those are your gifts and these are mine, you open yours and I will open mine. So needless to say he was trying to open everyone's presents.

Christmas Day was great! We woke up and did our family Christmas with just the three of us and then got ready for our families to come over. We all had a great Christmas and Brandon did great on the gifts he got me. I got a new camera which I was really excited about because we needed a better one than the one we have, especially with the new baby coming.

After Christmas we went to the coast on Sunday and stayed until Wednesday. It was nice and relaxing but if you go to the beach and it is not really warm enough to swim, you run out of things to do quickly. I will say that I definitely caught up on my sleep. We had a nice three hour nap each day we were there as a family. Well sometimes Kaydon would end up watching Toy Story for part of that nap, but at least he was resting. Speaking of Toy Story, he is obsessed with it! That is all he wants to watch. It used to be all about Shrek but now it is all about Buzz.

On Wednesday we decided to go ahead and come home but then decided on the way to take a four hour detour to see one of our friends for the night. It was nice to visit him. We used to live in that town in college and every time I go back it makes me want to move back there. Of course I do realize that life would not be like it was when we went to college because we lived a carefree life style. Having a family and mortgage payment sure does change things from those times but I wouldn't trade how my life is now for anything in the world.

We came back home on Thursday morning and got to work on taking down our Christmas decorations and getting rid of our dead Christmas tree. They sure are pretty but definitely a mess to clean up. It was exhausting cleaning everything up because while we were gone our house flooded. Luckily our friend was watching our dogs and was able to clean up some of the mess. Our toilet somehow started running and was leaking back in the walls so water was in our closets, pantry, and laundry room. Also, thank God that our house is still under 100% warranty so our home builder is fixing everything at zero cost to us. So in hindsight it could definitely be worse. I just hated to come home to such a mess.

Kaydon and his new puppyAlso, while we were gone one of my friends had a baby boy. His name is Jace and he is a cutie. I went to see them in the hospital that Thursday night when I got home. He was basically the exact size that Kaydon was when he was born. I forgot just how tiny he used to be. It made me realize that my baby is not so much a baby anymore.

We spent New Year's Eve with another couple at our house and their little girl. I actually made it until about 1:30 that morning and so did Kaydon! He and our friends' little girl were having so much fun they just kept going and going all night. (They spent the night with us.) We all slept in that next morning. Monday was back to the grind of things and back to a routine which includes work.

On the pregnancy front! Over this past weekend and especially Monday I noticed some (TMI warning) excess discharge in my underwear and especially when I went to the bathroom. It was enough to alarm me because it did not just seem like discharge; it was really thick and mucous-like. I ended up calling my doctor and he wanted me to come in and just check to make sure everything was alright. I told him I was supposed to have an appointment Wednesday but he told me to just come in that day. I went in and he did an internal check and said everything looked good but he wanted to do a sonogram just to make sure. He wanted to make sure that my cervix was closed and long, which he thought it would be. Of course when I have a sonogram AGAIN Brandon was not able to be there. Being that I was just about 16 weeks, I asked the sonogram tech if she could get a sneak peak at the gender and she said she would certainly try. I told her not to tell me because I did not want to find out without Brandon being there. I had her write it down on a little piece of paper and stick it in an envelope so that I could open it when I got home with Brandon. She told me that she knew what the baby was and I asked how sure, she said 90% being that I still am a little early and she was going over the genitals quickly so I would not be able to get a look.

My cervix looked great; closed and long! I was definitely relieved to hear that. She also did a few measurements of the heart and showed me a few other organs. The heartbeat was 142 bmp. After the sonogram I talked to my doctor and he said everything looks great. Although, I was not too happy that I will not be going back to him for 6 weeks. I thought it would only be four, but what are two more weeks? When we go back we will have our anatomy scan and double check the gender.

Kaydon and SantaAfter I left the doctor I told Brandon that we would know what we were having as soon as I got home. He was definitely excited! When I got home we opened the envelope and it revealed we will be welcoming a precious, little BOY in to our family in June. I could not be more excited although I have to admit I was still holding out hope that we would have a girl. I guess next time, if it is meant to be. I do realize that there is about a 10% chance He could "turn in to" a She at my next doctor's appointment but I am pretty sure He will stay all Boy! I can not wait for Kaydon to meet his brother and have a little playmate.

Besides all of that going on, I have decided it is time to start potty training Kaydon. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Every time I sit him on the potty he will go pee but it is a matter of him telling me BEFORE he goes in his diaper that we are struggling with. Also, the # 2 will be an issue. He has gone # 2 in the potty a few times but it is purely by luck of setting him on the potty at just the right time. I would LOVE to have him at least day time potty trained by the time the baby is here.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Besides being back at work we do not really have much going on. I am attaching some pictures. One is of Kaydon and his new puppy, Kaydon and Santa, and then one of the three of us on Christmas morning. (Pardon the no make-up and "rough" look; it's Christmas morning, I don't think you are supposed to look good!)

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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