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Week 18 ~ January 20, 2011
~ Stressful Week

This week has been pretty good considering everything that has happened recently. I think I forgot to mention that while I was laid-off last week, I am able to work with my company until the 31st of this month. After that day, I will be unemployed and on the search. Trust me, I know things could always be worse and I am definitely thankful for what I do have; I am just a little stressed right now. Dealing with all these things at work, then with school, Kaydon, and just all around family life can definitely be draining. But I know God's love and grace will carry me through and onto bigger and better things.

The baby has definitely been moving around a lot more. Well, maybe he is not moving around more; I can just feel it more and more everyday. I do not really notice the flutters too much at night when I am at home but I am so busy with Kaydon that I am probably just not paying attention. But when I am sitting at my desk at work, I can feel the movements throughout the day. For some reason, I cannot really commit to calling the baby a "he." I am not really sure why. I think I will be able to once we have the ultrasound in four weeks to confirm. Maybe I feel that way because the ultrasound tech said she was 80-90% sure or maybe because I was only 16 weeks along. So until then, I will just keep with 'the baby' instead of 'he' or the name we are thinking of.

My hip pain seems to have diminished this week (*knock on wood*), so I am sleeping more and more through the night. I still wake up some but that could be because Kaydon sleeps with us and is constantly tossing and turning. I know, I know. I am one of THOSE parents who allow their children to sleep with them. It all started when we were living with my in-laws for about three months while our house was being built. Kaydon had never really slept with us until then unless he was sick or woke up every once in a while in the middle of the night and I brought him to bed. When we lived with the in-laws, Kaydon did not have his crib or own room and the pack-n-play was just not cutting it for him at night. So, instead of him waking up every hour in the middle of the night, it was just easier for him to sleep with us. Since he was older, I think the habit just stuck and we have never been able to get him back in his own room. To be honest, I have only tried a few times and not on a consistent basis but I guess I just take the easy way out now. At night, after bath time I put his pj's on and brush his teeth and then lay him in our bed to go to sleep. Some times I put a movie on for him to fall asleep to. It works for us for now, and I figure he is growing up so fast that I want to keep him there with me as long as possible. Yes, it is frustrating sometimes. Yes, Brandon gets frustrated with the issue more than I do. But, lord knows Brandon is definitely not patient enough to try to get Kaydon to sleep in his own room. So… for now he sleeps with us! If anyone has any advice to getting him to want to sleep in his own room, I would be more than willing to listen and take any suggestions. I would really like him in his own room by June, but we will see.

That is about it for this week. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. It is pretty stressful, but I trust that everything will work out just like it should in the end.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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