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Weeks 19, 20 & 21
~ Halfway and Snowed In!

Kaydon in the snowWow! I cannot believe that I have let three weeks slip by without updating my journal. Let me please apologize to everyone for my lack of commitment. I really do not know where the time has gone. These past three weeks have been extremely busy and really just all new experiences for my family. When I last updated my journal, I was still employed with my former company. As of January 31st, I was no longer employed and officially started my new job, Stay at Home Mom... for now. I really have to say that these were not in the plans that we had for our family, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and God is in control. I know He will provide for my family and lead me on to bigger and better things.

My first week at home brought about a crazy winter weather storm for the entire region of Texas, which is where I live. I swear even if there are three little snow flurries, everyone starts freaking out and things start closing down. It started Monday night, the 31st. We got about 2-3 inches of sleet/ice. If you think Texas shuts down when there is snow, the ice is even worse. We are literally not equipped for any kind of winter weather. People do not know how to drive in this stuff, including me, so the whole area pretty much shut down. All of the schools in the area were shut down for FOUR days straight. That NEVER happened when I was in school. I am sure all the kids were loving having a spring break about a month early. I know that my former employer was also shut down 3 1/2 days as well. So it was not only schools, but businesses were shut down as well. Lucky for Kaydon and me, Brandon has a job where he can easily work from the house when needed. Also, on Wednesday night we received about 5-6 inches of SNOW! It was so pretty outside, but only made the roads that much more dangerous. After being cooped up for four days, it was definitely nice to go outside with Kaydon and play in the snow! It is definitely a rare treat to have snow to play in. When Texas gets hit with winter weather, it is usually all ice. It was nice to have Brandon home, but it was also nice to see him be able to get back to work the next week!

That weekend, the snow and ice had finally melted enough so that we could actually get out of the house and go somewhere. I have to admit that I was getting a little stir crazy inside and so was Kaydon. The Saturday before the Super Bowl, we went and participated in a few of the Super Bowl activities. It was an experience to say the least, fun and definitely crowded. Kaydon did not know what to think of all the people. When Monday rolled around I was finally able to try and get in to a routine of what my daily life is going to be like, at least for the time being. I am on the search for a job, but have not had any luck. I honestly think it is about to get even harder for me to find a job, but I am almost to the point where you can definitely tell I am pregnant. Yes, I know it is against the law to not hire someone because they are pregnant, but that would be something hard to prove if that were the case as to why I did not get hired. So again, if you could just keep my family and me in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it!

snowThese past three weeks also brought about something really exciting! I have officially reached the half way point in my pregnancy. I have to admit that this time it seems to be going quite a bit faster than when I was pregnant with Kaydon. I guess we have just had so many things going on lately and Kaydon also keeps me pretty busy. Brandon said that sometimes he "forgets" I'm pregnant. I do not really think he forgets, I just think we have so many other things to keep us occupied this time around. I am starting to show a little bit more, but I really think I just look pudgy instead of pregnant. I am ready for that point where you can tell I am pregnant and it does not look like I just ate a dozen donuts for breakfast. The baby is also moving around A LOT more and I have even felt it from the outside. But, every time I put Brandon's hand on my stomach, he is too impatient to wait for the baby to kick. It also seems like the baby will be kicking and moving all over the place and then as soon as someone else, besides me, touches my stomach he stops. I have also noticed that the baby already seems to have his days and nights mixed up; aren't I lucky?! Right now he is most active around 9:30 at night and 7 in the morning. Maybe it only seems that way because I am usually just sitting around relaxing at those times, but I think I am in trouble when he comes if his sleeping patterns do not change between now and then!

Next Tuesday, the 15th, I go in for my next appointment. I am so excited because this is the main sonogram where they will measure everything on the baby and make sure that he, or maybe she, is still healthy as ever. I say "or maybe she" because when I last went, the sonogram tech told me she was 80% sure. So, I have still not been able to commit to this being 100% BOY. Hopefully this time around they will be able to tell me 100% that it is a boy or maybe even girl. I just hope they can definitely tell me one way or the other! I also continue to pray that the baby is healthy. I know that everything can change in an instant and just want to keep praying that everything is really as healthy and happy as they seem! I can't wait to report back next week and let everyone know about my doctors appointment. Only a week left now!

Snow!Also, next Thursday the 17th, Brandon and I are leaving on a vacation. I guess you could call it our 'babymoon.' We will be gone 10 days. We are going to Florida, then cruising to the Bahamas and staying there for three nights, then cruising back to Florida. I am not looking forward to the drive from Texas to Florida, but I know the trip will be worth it and the return home trip will be worth it because I will be looking forward to seeing Kaydon. We are lucky enough that Brandon's parents are able to watch him for us while we are gone. I am a little sad because this will be the absolute longest I have been away from him before. Brandon and my anniversary is on the 21st of February and we actually went on a cruise last year at this time as well. But, we were only gone 6 or 7 days then! I know Brandon's parents will take great care of him while we are gone and we will come back to an even more spoiled child; I just know I will greatly miss him while we are gone.

I will definitely update after my doctor's appointment next week and before we leave for our vacation. Please just continue to keep my family in your prayers. 1) for a healthy, happy baby and continued healthy pregnancy on my end. 2) for my job / financial situation right now and that I will just continue to trust that God is in control. And 3) for our safe travels on our vacation.

I have attached some pictures of Kaydon playing in all the snow! I know that people up North will think this is a very small amount of snow. But, to us Texans this is crazy and we NEVER see anything like this!

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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