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Week 22 ~ February 16, 2011
~ It's 100% a BOY!!

It's a Boy!As you can all tell from my title, we are 100% for sure welcoming another little BOY to our family come this June. We are all so excited and cannot wait. I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday the 15th. The sonogram took about 30 minutes and she said she is 100% sure that we are having a boy. I was told he was a boy before, but like I previously posted, it was only an 80% for sure. This time she said there is no denying it, he is all boy. She had a little trouble at first getting a good look at all his organs and especially his heart because he was so curled up in a ball. He was moving around A LOT but staying curled up. Finally after much poking and prodding, he uncurled just long enough for her to get a good look at his heart. I think he definitely looks like Kaydon and Brandon, but I guess we will see in about four months! Thankfully everything looked perfectly healthy. My doctor said he looked right on track and weight about 1 lb. 3 oz. We got to see his little hand and foot and could see all five fingers and five toes. (Well on 1 hand and 1 foot, we couldn't get a great look at the others.)

UltrasoundI am so excited to have another boy, although I was still holding out some 'hope' for a little girl. I think we will for sure try for at least one more child down the road, so maybe I'll get my princess then. If not, I guess it is just not meant to be. I keep wondering what it will be like with two little boys running around the house. As it is, Kaydon hardly sits down and is going 100 MPH 24 hours a day it seems. I cannot wait to see Kaydon with a little brother although I am sure he will exhibit some jealousy as well. He has been the only little kid around, especially since Brandon and I are only children and I can say he is spoiled with love and lots of other things as well! I think it will be a little odd for me the first time they have a fight (once they are older) because being an only child I never experienced sibling rivalry. I know it is perfectly normal and it will be something I will just have to get used to.

UltrasoundOther than my doctor's appointment this week, I think I have finally 'popped.' I think I am finally starting to look more pregnant than pudgy. Brandon even made a comment that my belly was starting to really stick out (in a nice way of course). The only problem now is I am in a pretty awkward stage since some of my regular clothes are starting to not fit but I'm not really big enough for my maternity clothes. Which really stinks since we are going on vacation this next week. I have been trying to get everything ready for our trip, but am just now feeling like I am making progress and we leave tomorrow. I am really excited to have time away, alone with Brandon but I know I will miss Kaydon like crazy. I guess you could call this our 'babymoon' since we will not be taking any more vacations until way after our little boy arrives.

Well, that's about it for this week. I will be out of the country next week so my journal update will definitely be two weeks combined but I hope to have a lot to share about our little getaway! I am also attaching a few pictures from our sonogram!

Until next time!
~ Kristina

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