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Weeks 23-25 ~ March 10, 2011
~ Babymoon & Time Keeps Flying By...

vacationWow! I can't believe it has been three weeks since I last updated! I swear time just keeps flying with this pregnancy. I do not think that is necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I wish it would just slow down!

Weeks 23 and 24 were pretty much all spent on my 'babymoon'/anniversary vacation with Brandon. We had an AMAZING time! We left on Thursday, February 17th and were gone until Sunday morning the 27th. We dropped Kaydon off at Brandon's parents' house around 11:30 that morning and then we headed out on our long drive to Florida. We stopped that first night in Mobile, Alabama. By the time we got in, we were so exhausted all we did was go straight to sleep. We were up the next morning and off to Orlando, Florida. Our vacation was sort of a package deal where we spent two nights in Orlando, one night on a cruise ship to the Bahamas, two nights in the Bahamas, one night back on the cruise ship, and two nights in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I had never been to any of those places and neither had Brandon so we both got to experience it all for the first time. Well, actually Brandon went to Disney World when he was a lot younger, but it has drastically changed since he was last there. I was blown away by Orlando. We went to Downtown Disney both nights we were there and walked around. I think the whole city has just a 'magical' feel about it. It is somewhere we definitely want to take the kids once they are old enough to remember it and truly enjoy it. We should probably start saving now because I'm sure it could get pretty pricey to do everything they offer down there. The only thing I did not like about Orlando was the traffic. We went to the Outlet Mall one day and leaving took us 30 minutes just to travel 1 mile! And this was supposedly off season.

The Bahamas was of course, gorgeous! I do not think I have ever seem water so blue or so clear. Our anniversary was the Monday night we were there, so we went out to eat for a nice dinner and walked around the little market area we were staying next to. I was very surprised by how expensive everything was there. I guess I should not have been surprised since everything has to be imported there, but food was particularly pricey. We ate at a few different places and tried some local cuisines as well.

vacationI would have to say that my only complaint about the whole trip was how long we were gone from Kaydon. Brandon and I both said that about four or five days will be our limit from now on to be gone from our children. I was really missing him by the end of our vacation and ready to just be home again. After our two nights in Fort Lauderdale, we left to come back home. Our original plan was to stop that night, spend the night, and be home around noon on Sunday. But, since we were able to leave Fort Lauderdale so early, we were so close to home by night fall, we decided to just finish the drive. We drove 21 hours straight to get home around one in the morning! It was definitely the longest drive of my life and something I am not looking forward to doing anytime soon, if ever again! We did stop about every 2-3 hours just so I could stretch my legs and use the bathroom, but it was right back in the car after that. Instead of going home that night, we just went to Brandon's parents' house and went straight to bed when we got in. Of course they were sleeping already so we didn't actually get to see Kaydon until I went and woke him up that next morning around 7. I can't say it was the welcome I was hoping for, but I'm sure he missed us. I just do not think he has a concept of exactly how long we were gone for.

Since we have been back home, we have just been trying to get back in to a routine around here. Brandon has been super busy at work, so even when he's home in the evenings, he is not off his computer / phone until 7 or so. I get frustrated some but I try not to say much since I'm not currently working (outside the home). I think I can definitely say that I have been busy as well since we have been home. I LOVE being home but it is by no means a piece of cake. I have had to readjust a lot of things and get in the mindset of being a stay at home mom. I am still looking for work but have not really had any luck yet.

vacationNow on to the pregnancy. While we were gone, someone else was finally able to tell that I was pregnant. I have to say it is a nice feeling knowing that I do not just look fat and am starting to look more pregnant. Brandon keeps telling me how big my stomach is getting (in a joking / nice way) but he obviously knows that I am pregnant, so I was unsure if someone else could tell. Little Colton has definitely been moving around a lot more and Brandon was finally definitely able to feel him. I really think that this child has his days and nights mixed up. I really do not feel him that much during the day but as soon as 9:30 at night comes around, he is going crazy in there. And then when I wake up in the mornings and am laying in bed (around 7) he is going crazy again. Maybe I have just been so busy during the day, I don't notice all the moves. Well, that's what I am hoping for anyway. I have been starting to get a bit more uncomfortable as well. It is not really bad yet, but after I have been doing things around the house or playing with Kaydon all day, my body just aches. I can no longer sit on the bare floor. Not because I can not get up but because my tailbone/back just hurt so bad and I get stuck. Brandon laughs because I look so spastic sometimes.

I have to also say that these past few weeks I have started to stress about a few things. One, I just realized that I have about 14 weeks left and I feel like I have done nothing to prepare for him. I'm pretty sure by this time with Kaydon his nursery and all was at least put together. I feel like in some aspects Colton is being neglected because we don't have everything all ready for him. Not that I want him to come any time soon, but I would like to at least have his nursery furniture placed and bedding picked out. Some people think that we should just use Kaydon's old bedding for Colton because it is still like brand new. I mean Kaydon slept in his crib and all but how much wear and tear does a newborn really do on bedding. But my whole thinking is that as it is Colton will get so many hand-me-downs from Kaydon that he at least deserves new bedding. He will be using Kaydon's nursery furniture (crib, changing table, and dresser) and Kaydon will be getting a dresser and trundle bed from my mom. They are not brand new, but new to him. Heck, the child does not even sleep in his room, so he probably won't even use it. LOL!

I have also been struggling with how Kaydon is going to deal with a new baby around. I think I am just being hormonal but I really feel sad for him. He really does not have any clue that he is about to have a brother so I am sure it will hit him like a ton of bricks! He is so used to being the only child around (our only, of course, but the only grandchild as well). I know that children every day are thrown in to the world of having a sibling and I know he will eventually adjust and not really remember the times without a brother; I just hope he doesn't have too many issues when Colton does arrive. Like I said, I'm just being hormonal but sometimes I feel like we are depriving him of what he is used to. It does not mean that I'm not totally in love and awe of Colton already. I just hope my fears and stresses diminish soon.

Well, that is about it for this week. If anyone has any advice as to how to get a sibling ready or more prepared, please let me know! I am definitely open to suggestions. I hope everyone has a great week! I am attaching some pictures of different views from out vacation. One of the pictures is from an alligator show we went to in Fort Lauderdale. I have never seen someone get that close and 'personal' with an actual alligator! I was amazed!

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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