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Week 33
~ The Joys of Pregnancy!

Heartburn - Check!
Leg Cramps - Check!
Interrupted Sleep - Check!
Sore Hips - Check!
Awkward / Nonexsistent Sex Life - Check!
Swelling - Check!

Yes, these are just a few of the great pregnancy symptoms that are really starting to get in the way of my everyday life. The heartburn has really started kicking in at night time. Thank goodness, I can just take a few Tums and it goes away, for now. I have developed some leg cramping as well, and unfortunately they mainly hit in the middle of the night, when I am passed out asleep. I have yelled at Brandon several times in the past week or two to try and help get my leg cramp out. It is quite comical the next day to remember how it all went down, but at the time it is anything but comical. I guess I need to start upping my banana intake.

And speaking of sleep, I wake up several times in the middle of the night to readjust myself. I have this whole process for how I have to roll over in bed and I am really surprised that it doesn't wake anyone else up. My hips are constantly sore, even if I did not do anything the day before. I have also started to experience mild to moderate swelling in my hands and feet. Thank goodness I am just starting this symptom now because when I was pregnant with Kaydon I was swollen from 20 weeks on!

And last but certainly not least, our sex life. It has become so uncomfortable and just plain awkward that I have definitley noticed a decrease in it. Trying to find different positions that work is a challenge but we have found a few. It really is to the point now to where I'm just thinking sometimes (and I know this is horrible), please just get it over with. LOL! I hate that I feel like that but if I stay in any position for too long my legs, hips, and/or back start cramping up on me and I just can not enjoy myself. But honestly, I would take all of these symptoms and more to have that moment where I look down and see my second son!

I have also gotten to the point where I am so excited and overjoyed at the thought of Colton being here, I *almost* want him here tomorrow. I do not want him to come before he is absolutely, 100% ready to come and would be 100% healthy, but anyday after that point, I would be over the moon to see his little face. I have tried talking more and more with Kaydon about his baby brother coming, but I really do not think he understands. We have the swing and carseat out and he will say things like, "that's my baby brother's" but I know he does not understand what a baby brother really is. He will definitely know soon enough though!

In some more exciting news, I have gotten the crib all set up with his bedding. I still have a few decorating things I want to get done, but I can say that if Colton came tomorrow, I feel fairly prepared for him. I need to decorate the letters in his room that match his bedding, so I think I will start on that in the next week or two. Kaydon has some really cute letters of his name that matched his bedding that were given to me by a friend. I hope the letters that I am going to decorate turn out just as cute. I have a vision in my head, now I just need to be able to paint it on the letters.

I think I forgot to mention that at my last doctor appointment Colton is officially head down. My doctor did say that he could still flip and flop around in there but I feel fairly certain (*knock on wood*) that he will stay in that position. I have also noticed his movements have seemed to increase instead of decrease. Maybe that is because I can feel his little feet and bottom right under my rib cage, but I can say that I do enjoy the reassurance that everything is going alright in there. I am sure his movements will start to decrease a little as the weeks go on and he runs out of room.

Other than all that fun stuff, nothing really has been going on. Brandon is going out of town this weekend for a guys trip to his parents' condo down at the beach. So, Kaydon and I will have our last little mother/son weekend together before his brother arrives. And then Friday the 13th, Brandon and Kaydon are going to Chicago to visit some of Brandon's family up there. Well, Brandon actually has training for work that following Tuesday through Thursday but decided to leave a little early and surprise his grandparents and bring Kaydon. I know they will both have a good time. It is kind of bittersweet because I will miss them both (they will be gone about a week) but at the same time it should give me enough time and freedom to finish up all the last minute things for Colton. And, to just relax!

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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