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Week 4
~ Pregnant?

State FairWell when I last ended, I was in the process of going to the doctor everyday so they could monitor my ovulation. After several days of having to go to the doctor, I had a follicle finally reach 24 mm (a follicle over 20 mm is capable of releasing an egg). When I went in on day 17 of my cycle (day 9 of tracking my follicle growth), I finally had 1 follicle that was 24 mm. The ultrasound tech told me to go ahead and start having sex that night because she was sure when I came in the next day, the follicle would have disappeared (meaning an egg was released). When I went in the next day, the follicle was STILL there and about the same size. So, my doctor decided to go ahead and give me an HCG 'trigger shot' in order to assist my follicle in releasing an egg. Apparently when you have the trigger shot of HCG, it acts as LH (lutenizing hormone) which is responsible for helping to release an egg. After the shot, I was again told to go home and have sex. (No surprise or spontaneity in any of this baby making! ) When I went in the next afternoon (day 19 of my cycle), my follicle had FINALLY released an egg; and again I was instructed to go home and have sex. (Of course my husband loved this!) After that I was told we could go back to having our normal sex life and it was on to the dreaded two week wait.

When I left that day, she told me that I should start my period on October 13th, but if I didn't do not take a pregnancy test until the 20th! Yes, that meant instead of a two week wait, it was supposed to be a three week wait? What? Since I had to have the HCG trigger shot, she did not want me to take a pregnancy test before that and get a false positive and get my hopes up. I told her it would be VERY hard for me to wait that long, especially if I didn't start my period on the 13th.

The second weekend in October my husband and I took a little vacation, just the two of us to the beach (it's about five hours from where we live). My in-laws have a little condo there and they volunteered to watch Kaydon for us, which was nice. We had a great weekend just hanging out and relaxing, just the two of us! Of course the question, "are you pregnant or not" came up quite a bit. I felt like I had symptoms of early pregnancy, but did not want to read too much in to it. My boobs had been very tender for almost a week at that point and just seemed to be getting worse. But, I am one of the "lucky" ones that their breasts get tender before they are about to start their period as well. So maybe that was not a sign of early pregnancy. There were a few other feelings as well. I did not really feel like I was about to start my period and I was having a few pains here and there in my lower abdomen area, but they weren't cramps or anything.

Kaydon at State FairSo when we got home on Sunday afternoon, I ran upstairs and took a pregnancy test. The test took a little bit to come back with an answer, but it was POSITIVE! I wanted to run and tell my husband right away, but did not want to get his hopes up. Later on we were outside with Kaydon playing, and it just kind of slipped out. "Well I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, but I don't want to get my hopes up. So just forget I even said anything to you about it." Brandon, of course, was like what the heck! You can not just say that and then keep going. But I refused to let him get his hopes up because I knew, from doing research online, that the trigger shot could be in my system still as well.

On Wednesday, the 13th, we had both taken off work to go to the State Fair with Kaydon. We had a great time and Kaydon loved it. We went to the petting zoo and ate tons of fried food (yes, I know this is horrible for me, but it's the state fair!) That was the day I was supposed to start my period. All day I kept going to the bathroom, thinking that I would have started; but no. The next morning, I took another pregnancy test and it was positive. I just kept thinking that it could not be right, there was no way I was really pregnant again! I still would not let myself believe it, but just kept praying that everything would turn out alright and we would have a new baby soon enough! Baby dust!

Take care,
~ Kristina

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