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Week 5 ~ October 21, 2010
~ Spreading the News!

I knew I was supposed to wait until the 20th before I took a pregnancy test, but of course I could not wait. Finally, on Friday the 15th, I called my doctor to ask him about a few symptoms I had been having. When the doctor called me back later on that afternoon, I told him everything I was experiencing. I did not tell him that I had taken a pregnancy test though, because I did not want him to tell me I should not have done that. Well after talking to him and telling him about a pain I was having on my lower left side and a little in my lower back, he said he wanted me to come in on Monday! YES!!

Now, although I was having a pain there, I was not overly concerned about it, but really just used it as an excuse to get in to the doctor sooner. I, of course, had told him I had not started my period yet. He told me that he did not feel anything was wrong and in fact thought I was possibly pregnant; he just wanted me to come in to be sure and have a blood test done. My doctor also told me I could go ahead and take a pregnancy test because the 'fake' hormone should be out of my system by then.

The next morning, I took another pregnancy test and it was definitely positive! I told my husband that morning and he was so excited, probably even more than I was, because I still wanted to make sure that everything was alright and checked out at the doctor. But, we decided to go ahead and tell our parents the good news. So we invited his parents over that Sunday night, the 17th for dinner. I could not get a hold of my mom in time to invite her, so I would have to tell her later. I know a lot of people want to wait before they tell anyone, but I want our families to be informed about stuff going on and be able to be supportive if something were to happen. Maybe I would feel different if something did happen, but still. Now, just because I wanted our families (parents) to know, I did not want all of our friends knowing and definitely still have not put anything on Facebook.

I'm going to be a big brotherBrandon's parents came over that Sunday night for dinner. A while back, when we first decided to try for another baby, I had Kaydon a shirt made that says, "I'm going to be a big brother!" with his name on it. My original plan was to put that on Kaydon and break the news to Brandon that way, but since we were going though all this other stuff, it kind of ruined the surprise in it! Oh well! When his parents got there, Brandon went and changed Kaydon's shirt, thinking they would notice right away. It just so happened that Kaydon had just woke up from a very late nap and was very clingy to Brandon at the time and was hiding his shirt. Just our luck, the one time we want him to show off his shirt, he was literally hugging Brandon and you could not see his shirt at all. So much for using a two-year-old as a 'prop' to break the news to anyone; next time I will have to think of something else. Finally Kaydon woke up a little bit and started to play a little more, but Brandon's parents STILL did not notice the shirt. Are you kidding me! This is going great!?!? Eventually his mom said, "Brandon, what does Kaydon's shirt say?" Finally, they were going to read it. His mom started reading, "I'm going to be a . . . OMG!" They were both so excited!

I was able to tell my mom the next day and she was excited as well. My husband, as usual, could not contain his excitement and ended up telling almost his entire family. So much for going to the doctor first, oh well! I realize he's just excited, but I would liked to have waited just a little bit before telling everyone.

On Monday, the 18th, I went in to the doctor. They could not really do too much since I knew that it was in fact too early for a sonogram. He did an internal exam and said everything looked good and then we did blood work. I had to wait until Tuesday to make sure that I was "officially" deemed pregnant by my doctor (when the blood results came back). The doctor's office called me the next day and said I was indeed pregnant and he wanted me to come back in the following Monday for a follow-up blood work (standard procedure for him).

So here I am, 5 weeks pregnant after my first round of Clomid. We are all so excited! I still cannot believe that in about eight months we will have another little bundle of joy in our family. I think my son will be in for a little shock, but I know he will want to try and be a big help. I have not had too many symptoms or problems. My breasts are still a little tender, but that is about it.

Thanks for joining me along the TTC journey and I cannot wait to keep you all updated along the way with our new journey now, adding a fourth member to our family! Thanks so much Maribeth for this opportunity as well.

Now I just keep praying that no matter what this baby is, boy or girl, that it is healthy and I have a healthy pregnancy!

~ Kristina

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