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Week 6 ~ October 28, 2010
~ There's a HEARTBEAT!!

Pumpkins!This week has been a good week. On Saturday we went to my friend's house and carved tons of pumpkins. Kaydon had a blast! On Sundays we try and make that family day and just hang out watching football, just the three of us (soon to be 4)! We always wake up on Sunday mornings and go to Church and then go to breakfast somewhere. After that we usually go on a walk around the neighborhood and then come home and watch football. I will make a pretty big dinner that night. We have been doing this for a few months now, but I am not really sure what we will do once football season is over. I am so ready for true fall weather. In Texas, it may be 70 degrees one day and 90 the next, even in fall. But hopefully 70 degree weather and even cooler will be here to stay.

On to the baby front, Monday the 25th, I went back to the doctor but just for follow up blood work. They called me on Tuesday with the results and said that everything (all my levels) are increasing like they should and to schedule an appointment for a sonogram the next day. So on Wednesday the 27th I went in for my first sonogram. Brandon met me at the doctor's office and I have to admit that I was a little nervous. I knew my blood work had come back good, but I think it is always a little nerve-wracking until you see that first little heartbeat! The sonogram tech said that everything looked good and I was measuring at 5 weeks and 6 days, making my due date June 23rd, which by the way, is exactly accurate with when I know I ovulated. After that she walked us over to the waiting room to have a consultation with the doctor.

ultrasoundI had a feeling something was a little "off" because she kept asking me if I had been experiencing any spotting. Then, when the doctor came in, he asked if I had been experiencing any spotting. I said no, which I have not. Well apparently the sonogram showed a little portion around the sac (that attached to the uterus) was detached from the wall of my uterus. My doctor said this was fairly common and should heal on its own, but he wants me to come back in two weeks for a follow up sonogram just to make sure everything is healing like it should. He told me that if I experience a little spotting, it is normal because it will probably be that little place around the lining healing. But, if I had any questions to be sure and give him a call. He also told me to pretty much go about my normal day, but that if I do start spotting to lay off on heavy exercise for a while and sex.

I have to say that I was relieved when I saw the heartbeat but it does kind of make me nervous hearing that a part of the lining is detached. I know that my doctor would have told me to be concerned and lay off on certain activities if he really thought it was something to really be worried about. I was told that we would have never seen it except for the fact that I had the first sonogram so early. So if anyone out there has experienced this, please let me know. I would love to hear from you! I thought about googling it but I know that while the internet is a very informative place, it can also be a very scary place for information as well.

That is pretty much everything that happened this week. I, knock on wood, have still not had any nausea so I am just hoping I do not have any. I was never sick with Kaydon, so hopefully I am just one of the lucky ones! My breasts are still sore and I swear they have grown, which I am already a little bigger at top, so I just hope that they do not grow the entire pregnancy. With Kaydon my boobs got up to a FFF; I am normally a DD.

Until next week! I continue to pray that this pregnancy and everyone else's are healthy and happy! Baby dust to others!

~ Kristina

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