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Week 7 ~ November 4, 2010
~ Halloween Fun

halloweenI hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! I know we certainly did. Kaydon loved trick-or-treating this year. We have gone every year with a fairly large group of our friends and their children, but since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, it kind of through a kink in our usual plans. But I could not have asked for Kaydon to have a better time, even though we ended up just going with the three of us (Brandon, me, and Kaydon). This was actually the first year that he has understood the concept of it, plus I am sure that all the candy helped as well.

On the baby front, there is not much news to report. I do not go back for my follow up sonogram until next Wednesday the 10th, so I have kind of been on a holding pattern until then. I (knock on wood) have not had any nausea or morning sickness. There have been a few nights where I just do not feel like eating. Nothing sounds good to me and makes me think that if I eat, I'll get sick. But I will take that over actually getting sick any day. My boobs are still tender, but more so in the mornings. I can definitely tell that they have grown. I may need to go bra shopping here pretty soon.

HalloweenI have heard people say in the past that you have a higher chance of miscarriage if you do not have morning sickness. I guess they mean that if you are not sick, your hormone levels may not be high enough to sustain a healthy pregnancy. I, obviously, know that just because I do not have morning sickness, doesn't mean I'll have a miscarriage. I may be more worried about this if I would have had morning sickness with Kaydon. But when I was pregnant with Kaydon, I got sick maybe two times total. Does morning sickness run in your family? I know everyone says every pregnancy is different, but I do know that neither my mom nor grandma ever got sick when they were pregnant. My mom only had me and my grandma had three babies, so I was just wondering about that.

That is really about the extent of everything happening with baby #2. Sometimes I wish I had more symptoms to reassure me that everything was alright, but I guess no news is good news as well. I have no reason to think that everything is not alright, but I cannot say that I do not worry some. It was very reassuring to see that little heartbeat last week and I can not wait to see it again in about another week!

I hope everyone has a great week ahead and hopefully next week I will have some good news to report about my sonogram! I just pray that this baby and my pregnancy continue to be healthy and happy as well as everyone else's! Baby Dust to others!

~ Kristina

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