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Week 8 ~ November 11, 2010
~ Did you really just say that?

sonogram 2This week went by pretty fast. We were not too terribly busy, but it always seems that we find something to keep us going. This past weekend we just kind of hung around the house and had family time, which is always nice! But, as soon as Monday rolled around, the relaxing all changed. When I went to pick up Kaydon from the babysitter, he had just finished getting sick all over the place. Poor baby was sitting in the back room with a towel in his lap and just stared up at me. I hate when he's sick. So, Monday night was spent taking care of a sick 2-year-old who does not understand why I can not stop him from getting sick. He could tell when he was about to get sick and would throw his hands over his mouth and just yell, "NO! NO! NO!" I wanted to cry for him, but I kept him as comfortable as possible. Luckily it was only that day/night and Tuesday he seemed back to normal. Of course, I kept him on the bland diet for another day or two because I have made the mistake in the past of putting him back on his normal diet and he would get sick again. I guess it was just too much for his stomach to handle. Everyone else in the house has seemed to have escaped the virus, and I hope it stays that way.

Now, on to the new baby; I had my follow up doctor's appointment on Wednesday to make sure that the lining that is attached to my uterus was healing from where it had separated. The baby came up on the screen right away and there was a drastic difference in the size from just two weeks ago. I could not believe how big the baby had gotten. It is truly amazing how we, as women, technically "grow" a human. Everything measured great still and the heartbeat was 157 bpm, last time it was 117 bpm. Of course, the old wives tale is if it is over 140 bpm, it is a girl but we will see. I think I am pretty sure it is a boy. I was wrong with Kaydon though. As long as the baby is healthy, that is all that matters. I know God will bless us with whatever we are supposed to have. It looked like the lining was still separated some at the bottom of my uterus but my doctor was not really concerned. It definitely did not get any bigger and he said I still may have some spotting but to just call if I have any questions. I do not go back for another four weeks.

I have had a few more pregnancy symptoms pop up this past week. My face has broken out like I am a teenager again. I even had a man at work (in his 40's) ask me if I was "going through puberty again" because I have "zits and pimples everywhere." I was floored that a grown man would ask me something like that or ask anyone that. I know he has no idea that I am pregnant, which I can not decide if that is any better or worse. I was so embarrassed and absolutely mortified! I ended up sending him an email (as nice as I could) that just basically said how dare you ask anyone that. You may think it is a joke, but in no way was it funny. I told him he really needs to think before he opens his mouth and act like an adult. He did apologize, but I have to admit that I am struggling with moving on. I can not just forget something like that. So, if anyone out there has any miracle acne cures that you can use during pregnancy, I am open for suggestions.

Other than my face issues, I have had a little more nausea this week. In fact, I thought on Tuesday that I was coming down with Kaydon's stomach virus, but luckily I only actually got sick one time that day and have felt pretty good since. I never had morning sickness with Kaydon, so I am not really sure when that symptom kicks in. I would think if I have not had that problem by now, I should be in the clear but I guess it can really pop up at any time.

That is about it for this week. On this coming Sunday I am throwing one of my best friends a baby shower, so that will be fun. I am a little nervous because I have never actually thrown anyone a shower or party (besides Kaydon) but I am looking forward to it. I just continue to pray that this baby keeps growing healthy and so does everyone else's. Baby dust to others!

Until next week,
~ Kristina

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