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Week 9 ~ November 18, 2010
~ I May Have Spoken too Soon!

diaper cakeThis week went by pretty fast, thank goodness! Sunday I threw one of my friends a baby shower. I think it turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. It was the first time I have thrown someone a shower or party (besides Kaydon) and so I was a little nervous. There weren't too many people, maybe 12, but she ended up getting all the big things that she needed. She is having a boy on December 28th (planned C-section). I am so excited because I will finally have a friend who has another boy for Kaydon to play with. ALL of our friends and family who have children close to Kaydon's age ALL have girls. It is crazy when we get together because my poor son is overrun by all these girls. I'm sure when he's older he will love it though.

Brandon went out of town on Monday for business and will not be back until Friday. I am so ready for him to get back and so is Kaydon. The first day we got home after I picked him up on the way home from work, he walked in the door and said, "Daddy, where's Daddy?" I told him daddy was gone for work but would be back pretty soon. So needless to say it has been a pretty lonely week at home, although I have tried to keep busy with things at night time.

This week has seemed to bring on a little more nausea and just overall sick feeling. I will wake up and feel fine but shortly after (usually an hour) I am extremely hungry but nothing sounds appetizing. In fact, the thought of most foods makes me feel even sicker. I have been grabbing some milk to drink on the way to work and that seems to help a little bit. Then constantly throughout the day I begin to feel extremely hungry even after I have had lunch. I guess I need to start finding healthy foods to keep with me to snack on. I think I will just become a snacker instead of a person who eats full meals. Even when I am starving and I get something to eat, I will have about three bites and feel stuffed. If anyone has any advice on this, please let me know. I never had to deal with this when I was pregnant with Kaydon. In fact, with Kaydon I used to tell people that if I did not know I was pregnant, there is not way I would have actually known. I never had any sickness or any other symptoms, not even sore breasts. I guess I got kind of spoiled.

KaydonI hate to tell people when I feel bad because I have known several of my friends who have been pregnant and they just seem to milk the fact that they are pregnant and they do nothing but complain. I do not want people to think I am just over-exaggerating or just trying to play the pregnancy card. But sometimes I really just do not feel good and all I want to do is go home and sleep, which has been hard this week to do with a two-year-old since Brandon has been out of town.

Also, this week has seemed to bring on the fact that one of my pairs of jeans, I can not button anymore. I know I have not gained any weight because I weight myself everyday (which I know is not always good). But, I do not seem to have a noticeable belly yet, but obviously something is changing. I have always heard you start showing faster with second pregnancy and so on, so we will see. With Kaydon I did not start showing at all until I was about five, almost six months along. Good thing is it is only one of my pairs of jeans, I guess it is a little smaller than the others (even though they are all the same size).

That's about it for this week. I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving Holiday and a wonderful Black Friday! I am so excited for this coming week. I just love Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I go shopping every year!

I hope everyone's pregnancy continue to be happy and healthy! Baby dust to others! I am attaching a picture of a 'diaper cake' that I made for my friend's baby shower and one of Kaydon from this past weekend when we were about to go on a Saturday afternoon walk.

Until next week,
~ Kristina

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