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Weeks 11 & 12
~ Stressed Out!


Sorry for the delayed post this week. It's been a couple of exhausting, stressful weeks. Thankfully not pregnancy related stress. First off, my job is completely stressing me out. I feel as though I have things just piling up. I am truly grateful that I have a job I love, but man the start to this school year has been a rough one. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on a few things here soon and not feel so overwhelmed.

Secondly, my husband was offered a job with a fantastic company about three hours from our house, in another state. We knew the offer was coming for quite a while and we went back and forth with whether to accept the offer or not, but have ultimately decided to stay where we are at. The company my husband works for now is great, so it was a decision on staying here, close to family, or move to a company that seems great, but you just never know until you are there. It was pretty stressful to make the decision and we went back and forth SEVERAL times during the two week long process. I feel very calm and at peace about our decision. I think it is the best decision right now for our family.


As far as the pregnancy is going, these past few weeks have been a breeze. I really haven't been getting the nauseous feeling anymore at night. I have noticed that if I allow myself to get really hungry or far past the time we usually eat dinner, I'll get a sick feeling and almost not be able to eat. I think I'm starting to show a little bit. I've had to break out the bella band to wear with my jeans the last two days. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, the 8th for my next appointment. I'm ready to go back and just know that everything is still progressing normally. Sometimes I'm a worrier and think the worst. But I have no reason to think that because I have not been having any signs that things were not progressing right on target.

In other big news, Kaydon started playing flag football. He had his first game last Saturday. His team, the Little Giants, won their first game! And, Kaydon scored his first ever touchdown! I was so excited and everyone, including Colton was cheering him on. I love watching him in sports. It was quite a fun weekend.

The State Fair opened up this past weekend, so I am looking forward to going to that soon. Brandon also has his 10 year high school reunion coming up this weekend, so we will be enjoying those festivities all weekend. I'm looking forward to hopefully moving away from these past couple of stressful weeks and resume our lives as normal.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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