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Weeks 13 & 14
~ Holding Out for the Surprise


The weekend of October 4th and 5th was great! We had Brandon's 10 year high school reunion and homecoming events the night before. We were also childless from Friday afternoon to Sunday at noon. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys to the moon and back but it sure is nice to have a break every once and awhile and just relax. They were with my mom the entire weekend and I know they had a great time. Brandon's high school has an after the homecoming game get together for all the alumni and their parents. He went to a private school so they have more flexibility in the things that they do for alumni. The event is great because we see all of our friends (well his friends that have turned into my friends over the years). Saturday was the actual reunion. It was a blast as well but the rain made it to where we all stayed inside the place so it was a little crowded.

The one thing I found pretty comical was everyone made a comment to Brandon about having another baby. I felt like no one else had three kids. Most of the people seemed to be just starting their families. I guess when you start having children early, you are ahead of everyone else. We did just celebrate our 10 year anniversary of being together on October 15th!

Monday October 7th, I had off of work so it was nice to get to spend the day with the boys. Tuesday October 8th, was my doctor's appointment. It was a long one! I had the dreaded Pap smear, blood work, insurance information, and a surprise sonogram. My doctor just wanted to track everything again. It's always nice to have so many sonograms. It was nice to get to see the little nugget on the screen. He or she actually looked like a baby and was moving all over the place. I was measuring a few days ahead but my doctor said he was going to keep my original due date. Heart rate was 158. I asked if the tech could tell what I was having but it was too early.

state fair

This brings me to a new topic, not finding out the gender of the baby. I really think we are going to wait until baby is here before finding out what he or she is. I am not sure if this sounds bad or not but I am so afraid if I find out what baby is beforehand and it's a boy I'll be a bit disappointed. I truly just want a healthy baby but since this is our last one, I really want a girl. I know once baby is here I will not think twice if he is a boy. Once you lay eyes on your child it is like instance love and I would never wish that child to be a different gender. I wanted girls before with my other pregnancies but love my boys more than I ever knew possible and would not think twice about them being a boy as opposed to a girl. I don't ever want to feel disappointed over my child. I feel extremely blessed and lucky to be pregnant, I really do. I keep telling myself that God will give me whatever he sees fit to complete our family. I have to have complete faith and trust in him that he will provide me with what He sees fit. Plus I really want that surprise in the delivery room of the doctor saying, "It's a ______!" I will have my anatomy scan in about 7 weeks so as long as I can hold out then, I'll be all set for the big surprise. What a glorious day it will be!

state fair

Other than the doctor's appointment, I'm feeling pretty good and not experiencing many pregnancy issues. I seem to be tired in the morning but perhaps that's from getting up at 4:45am to go workout or the stress at work. Getting to the gym is a struggle but once I'm there I love it. Huge stress relief and I've needed it lately! Hopefully work will calm down shortly. I want to love my job again.

Brandon and I took Tuesday, October 15th off to take the boys to the state fair. We had a great day! The weather threw a little hitch in our plans because it started raining, but we left the fair early and took the boys to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. After that we finished the day just hanging out as a family. It was a great way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary as well.

We did have one sad thing happen over the last two weeks. We had to send our English Bulldog, Apollo to a new home. He started causing trouble with our other 2 dogs, Dirk and Max, and it just was not fair to any of them to keep them all. Apollo and Dirk started fighting pretty bad any time they were in the house together and they were some pretty brutal fights. We always had to keep them separated in the house which meant some dog was always locked in another room away from the family. It was an extremely tough decision but one I feel was best for our family. We had Apollo for 7 1/2 years so saying good bye was hard. We found a disabled man that does not work or have any other animals to take care of him. He had an English bulldog before so he was familiar with the breed. Brandon and I interviewed him and felt he was the best match for Apollo. Kaydon handled it surprisingly well but Colton struggled. The guy and his 9 year-old niece came to pick Apollo up on Sunday afternoon. When we walked back inside from saying our goodbyes, Colton had a break down. I didn't really thing he understood what was going on, but apparently I was wrong. He just kept crying and pointing to the door where Apollo normally sat. My heart broke all over again, but he's doing alright now. I know it was for the best. And the guy has sent us pictures and Apollo gets to be with someone all day, every day and even sleep with him. I know he will be happy and we plan on seeing him around Christmas to take him his stocking and some treats.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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