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Weeks 17 - 19 ~ November 22, 2013
~ And then There Were 3!!

That's right; our third bundle of joy is a BOY. I have to admit that I was a little upset at first but have slowly gotten used to the fact that I will not be having a daughter. When we first got to the sonogram place (we paid to have the elective gender ultrasound), the baby was not cooperating with us and we could not tell what he was. I got up, went to the bathroom, and then came back and laid down on the table. BAM! Right away we could tell it was a boy. I shed a few tears when the tech said, "It's a boy." I looked over at Brandon's head and it just dropped some because he knew how much I wanted a girl. We took Kaydon with us and his first words were, "MOM! You lied to us!" I politely informed him that mom did not lie to them; daddy was the one that had everyone convinced it was a girl. But, all is well and we are so excited to be bringing Luca into our family come April. I told my husband somehow he would look different than Kaydon and Colton but still look just like their daddy. You would think I have nothing to do with the process.

I still am not feeling any movement. It is beginning to stress me out a bit, but I know in time I will hopefully feel every little turn, jab, and punch. I went to the doctor on November 5th and heart rate was strong and he even kicked the little heart rate monitor while the doctor had it on my belly. I mentioned the lack of movement to my doctor and he just said he's still got so much room to be moving around that is why I'm not feeling it yet. He says by the time I go back on December 10th I should be feeling him then. I cannot wait and am patiently waiting. That is really all going on for the baby front. I've gained about 2 pounds, which I am ok with since I had extra weight before I got pregnant. I'm hoping to gain no more than 12-15 pounds. I am still trying to go to the gym 3-5 times a week.

I have to apologize for my lack of posting the past 3 weeks. Things have been stressful at home, luckily not dealing with the baby. Brandon was asked to interview for a job that is located about 12 hours from our home state. It is a position that is with his same company and could be a potentially great opportunity for now and future endeavors to advance his career. He had about a week's notice before the interview, so the stress of him preparing (he had to make a 30 minutes presentation/power point over anything he wanted) was hard. He was nervous, which of course anyone would be. He went for his interview on Thursday, November 14th; there and back in one day. He was told that he would hear something beginning of this week. Well, as of today, he has still not heard anything. I am just so ready to have a decision made so that we can move on and focus on our next step; whether it is to stay here, or move. He really wants this position and as long as the money makes sense, then we will be making the move shortly after little Luca is born. He was told he was the top candidate and his mentor is the hiring manager for this position, so I know he will hear something either way. It is just so frustrating being in limbo and not knowing. There has also been some family drama over the whole thing (not between Brandon and myself but extended families). So prayers would be great for that. I just keep praying and telling myself whatever is supposed to be will be. And I have faith in God that he will provide a clear path for our family.

In exciting news, Kaydon's football team has made it to the Super Bowl and Kaydon made the All Star team for our division. He plays his Super Bowl game this Saturday the 23rd. I'm really excited for his team! I told my husband, pro bowl and super bowl all in his first year of playing football; he's going to have a lot to live up to as he gets older if he continues playing football.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I am desperately in need of a break from school. I am also so excited for Black Friday shopping, but I refuse to start before midnight on Friday because I do not feel that these stores need to be opening on Thanksgiving day.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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