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Weeks 20-22 ~ December 12, 2013
~ Thanksgiving and Ice Storm 2013

We had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday. We just went to Brandon's parents' house and spent the day over there. It was a just us and his parents. Normally his aunt and her son come over as well but she had to work and my dad normally comes over too, but he decided to go to his friend's house. We just cooked, ate, and relaxed while we watched football and went through the Black Friday ads.

I know in my last post, I mentioned that I wouldn't go out shopping on Thanksgiving but, Brandon and I ended up heading out at 8 that night. We left the boys with Brandon's parents and headed out to different locations. We were only out a little over an hour because we each only went to one store. We did go back home and sleep for a few hours and then got back up at 3:30 in the morning to head back out. It was a fun little two days.

I had also mentioned in my last post about Kaydon's football team making the Super Bowl! Unfortunately, Kaydon woke up at 4:30 the morning of throwing up and severe diarrhea that lasted a few hours. He was not able to play in his very first Super Bowl. I think Brandon and I were more upset by this than he was. His team played their hearts out but lost the game. He did end up with a very nice trophy though for the season.

I finally have started feeling baby move a little more and more. It is mainly when I am sitting or lying down. I cannot feel him from the outside. I started feeling him move between weeks 21 and 22. It is a few times a day. I cannot wait for Brandon and the boys to start feeling him as well!

On Friday the 6th of December, we had a pretty good ice storm. Where I live, if we get ice, it pretty much shuts down the whole area. I was out of school that day and Brandon was off of work. We were lucky because we did not have permanent damage to our house or our plants/trees outside. We did lose power for about 6 hours, but we were again lucky because there were thousands of people in our area that lost power for DAYS! So, Friday and Saturday we were cooped up all day because the ice on the roads was too bad to drive in.

Sunday, the ice has at least melted enough to drive slowly and carefully on so we decided to take the boys to see Santa! They LOVED him. I think this was our best year yet in seeing Santa. No tears and no lines! I was really surprised at how well Colton did. I think it helps when Kaydon is so excited and not scared. I just love this time of year! Our Elf on the Shelf, Elfonso showed up the other day! The boys love finding him in the mornings and seeing all the crazy things he's doing around the house.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, December 11th. This was my official anatomy scan with the doctor. I loved seeing my little boy moving all over the screen. I found out one of the reasons I am not feeling this little one as much as I felt Colton is because I have an anterior placenta. My placenta is sitting between baby and me. It was again confirmed that we are having our third boy! I am glad that we found out prior to baby being here, but I am so excited that Kaydon and Colton will have a little brother. The boys are getting so excited. I can't wait to see what he is like or who he looks like (I'm sure it will be Brandon). Everything with baby looks perfect. I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks. I've gained about 6 pounds so far. I think some of it was Thanksgiving weight! Oops! I guess it's time to start cutting back. But I feel extremely blessed to be having our third, healthy baby boy! I truly am thankful!

We also found out that Brandon will be getting an official offer for the job in Atlanta. He will get the offer someone by the end of next week. So I am not 100% sure but I think we may be moving to Atlanta sometime early summer. I am excited but also nervous because this will be a huge change for us. Please pray that whatever works out is the right direction for our family.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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