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Weeks 31 - 35 ~ March 11, 2014
~ Crazy, Hectic, yet Beautiful Life!

Wow! It is so hard to believe it has already been four weeks since my last update. I seriously do not know where all the time is going. I feel like our lives have been in total chaos as of late. My life is moving fast in a lot of areas and on hold in a lot of areas as well.

We finally listed our house on February 19th. If any of you know what it is like to try and sell your house, you know it is NOT fun. I swear I am constantly trying to live in a model home or worrying about if all of our duties are done before I can leave the house. The weekends are not as bad because Brandon is definitely a fantastic help. The problem is he has been traveling so much lately that during the week I am in charge of everything with the house and with the boys. I dread the mornings. Between getting myself ready, the boys fed, dressed, and ready for school, and now adding on making sure everything is put up in its place, I am ready for bed before even leaving the house. Time management in the mornings is not my strong suit, so needless to say that by the time I'm leaving the house, we are almost running to the car. We have had quite a few showings and two open houses, but no offer yet. I just keep praying and trusting that everything will work out in the perfect timing. The longer it takes to sell the house, the closer I am to baby and definitely getting to bring baby Luca home to my house and not adding that stress on top of everything else.

We have had some crazy weather lately as well. I have had two snow/ice days off of work since my last update. In Texas, this is almost unheard of. And yes, I know everyone living up North laughs at the snow we get here and how everyone freaks out with just a little dusting. But really, I think we are just not equipped to handle any sort of snow or ice on our roads. People, including myself, just do not know how to drive in that weather. I have to say the two unexpected days off of work have definitely been a welcome surprise. I have needed those breaks when they came.

Brandon has been traveling like crazy lately as well. He has only been home one full week in the last month. I realize that I am lucky he is home as much as he is, because some people have it a lot worse, but I am just not used to him being gone this often. All of his traveling has been for work, except the trip he just left on this morning. He and one of his best friends, Gilbert, left for Puerto Rico today. Through work Brandon received an all expense paid trip for two to Puerto Rico. I, unfortunately, could not make the trip this late in my pregnancy. He tried everything to get to reschedule or get a lump sum of money instead of having to go this particular week, but it just did not work out. At first, there was talk of just letting him go on the trip next year. After talking about it, his company did not want to promise him something and then due to unforeseen reasons not have the trip next year. The worst part about it is I am off all this week for my Spring Break, so I would have been able to go without worrying about taking time off. But, Gilbert bought me a Spa Day at a place here and I will be enjoying that on Thursday. I cannot wait!

Kaydon and Colton are doing great as well. Colton is really talking a lot more and Kaydon is loving school (he's in a preschool through the district I work in). I think they both sense that things have been a little hectic lately, but are handling all the unrest well. I seriously do not know how I am so blessed with these two. And to think back on my pregnancy journal with Colton, I was so worried Kaydon would not be able to handle having a sibling. These two are seriously the best of friends and it just melts my heart to see the two of them together.

Now, on to baby Luca. Things are moving right along. I passed my gestational diabetes test. I was really happy to hear that. My doctor seems to think I will have another "big" baby this time around. Of course, I have heard that with my previous two pregnancies and both boys were relatively the same size. Kaydon was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20" long when he was born. Colton was 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2" long when he was born. So, I will be really interested to see how "big" Luca is when he makes his debut. My last appointment on the 5th, I was surprised by a group b strep swab. I did not realize that was the appointment I would be getting swabbed. I go back on the 19th of March and at that point my doctor will start checking to see if I am progressing. I will also start going every week from then on out until Luca arrives! I cannot believe I am already at this point. Once I start going every week, time is really going to fly. Hopefully he decides to come sooner rather than later (well, not too soon).

Luca's kicks and pokes have definitely been getting stronger or more defined lately. One of mine and Brandon's favorite thing to do recently is to lay in bed and Brandon will get to feel him moving all over. I swear I feel like I can almost make out his heel or elbow moving across my stomach. Brandon thinks it is the neatest/weirdest thing. I think he is secretly jealous that I get to feel all this from the inside. I feel like he is getting to really bond with Luca when we have that time together. It is almost like he knows daddy wants to feel him moving because he starts going crazy as soon as we lay down and Brandon puts his hands on my stomach. There are times my stomach will start jerking and jumping in different directions. It is almost like he is having a dance party in there. Can't wait to have those dance parties together once he is here.

That is about it for these last four weeks. If you could, please pray that things move at just the perfect timing with selling our house. I just want to be here (at my house) when I bring him home and not have to stress about bringing him home for the first night to my mom's or in-laws'. I know it stresses Brandon out that after three weeks on the market and decent traffic, we have yet to see an offer. But, I just keep trusting in the Lord that He is in control and will guide us in the right direction with the perfect timing for our family.

Can't wait to update next week and let you know if I have made any progress to Luca arriving any time soon!

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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