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Weeks 4 - 8
~ Surprise!


After my last round of Clomid in June failed, Brandon and I decided to just relax and see what would happen. July was my first month to literally not pay attention to "signs" of ovulation, track temperature, or plan sex since having my IUD removed. I was certain it would not happen that month or honestly anytime soon. I had just prayed to God that I would leave it up to Him and His timing.

By the time day 32 of my cycle was approaching, aunt flow had still not shown. It definitely wasn't unusual for me to be late because when I did have periods my cycle was anywhere from 33 to 36 days, on average. I had decided to go ahead and take a pregnancy test. I was not going to get my hopes up at all because I have taken several and been let down. I got up that morning and peed on the stick. Not to my surprise, it was negative. I wasn't even disappointed because I did not expect it to be positive.

I went about my week as normal. Brandon went out of town on a mini guys trip that following Thursday and was coming home Sunday. On Friday, I was hanging out with my best friend, who was about to have her baby girl any day, and I was literally telling her that I felt like I would never get pregnant. I just felt defeated. Two rounds of Clomid, and nothing. Seven months of trying for a baby, and nothing. By this time my period had still not shown and I was on day 39 of my cycle. I told my friend I would test one more time with my last pregnancy test in the house. I went home, peed on the stick and waited. To my utter shock it was POSITIVE!! I could hardly believe my eyes! I ran next door (to my best friend's house) and showed her the test in disbelief. I had to plan how to tell Brandon the good news.

Of course Saturday and Sunday were spent just waiting for Brandon to get home. I didn't want to tell him over the phone. I decided to go buy Kaydon and Colton Texas Longhorns shirts and then bought a little cheerleader Longhorn outfit and onesie (can't jinx it with assuming it's a girl and only buying a girl outfit). I placed each one in a gift bag to give them their presents when Brandon got home. When Brandon got home I let him get settled in and then said I had presents for them. Everyone started opening theirs. When Brandon opened his, I could see him look over at Colton to make sure he was opening the right one. It took him a minute to realize what I was trying to tell him. He looked at me and said, "Are you pregnant?" I said, "Apparently!"

The next week I went to the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Because I was so many days past a "normal" 28 day cycle, my doctor went ahead and did a sonogram. When I saw the screen there was an empty sac. I waited to talk to the doctor. He said he was not concerned because the dates were probably just off. I assumed that was the issue as well considering my screwy cycle. I was told to come back in two weeks. But, in all honestly I cannot say a little bit of worry did not set it. I tried not to stress and just prayed that everything would be ok.

The next two weeks seemed to creep by in some ways but fly by in others. I was preparing for school to start back up which is always a busy time of year. We had a week of staff development before the students came back. With school starting, it did keep my mind busy and off my impending sonogram on the 27th of August.

I would have preferred to keep the news to ourselves, immediate family, and a FEW close friends, but my husband always has other things on his mind. Brandon just gets excited and wants to tell everyone we know the good news. So it was several conversations that went, "Yes, we are so excited, but it's still early so please keep it on the down low." At least I was able to keep it off Facebook.

August 27th was the big day. I had work that day and could not wait for afternoon to roll around so I could leave. I have to admit I was both excited and nervous. I got to the doctor and was called back pretty quickly for a sonogram. There it was, a little BABY with a little HEARTBEAT! I felt instant relief. Yes, I know things could still happen and there still could be issues, but I think seeing that tiny little flicker on the screen is magical and never gets old. My official due date is April 17th, which means I ovulated about 9 or 10 days late! No wonder the first sonogram you could not see anything besides a sack. After talking to the doctor, he told me to come back in two week for another sonogram to just make sure things are moving right along! I was not going to disagree with another sonogram! Any chance I get to see my baby, I will take.

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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