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Weeks 9 & 10
~ Sickness and a WHOLE Hand!

Somehow I have gotten off on my weeks! Oh well, I'll just start from where I left off.

This has been a busy past 2 weeks! I went back to the doctor on September 10th. Brandon was able to go with me this time. When we went back to the sonogram room, she was able to do an abdominal sonogram. There it was, the baby, with a little flicker of a heartbeat and right on track for my due date! I would love to go every week for a sonogram to see how the baby grows and develops but obviously I know that is not possible. I waited to talk to my doctor afterwards. He said everything looks great and just keep doing what I am doing. I almost feel that after going through this two other times, I'm an old pro at this. But each pregnancy has proven to be different. I go back to the doctor in four weeks and will continue on that pattern until the third trimester, pending everything keeps moving along normal and healthy.

I have experienced off and on evening sickness. This is definitely a change from my last two pregnancies. I am perfectly fine in the morning, but come evening and cooking dinner, I get an extreme aversion to food. I have even been sick a few times. But I would really rather be sick at night then have to go to work and fight feeling nauseous all day long. At least at night I can semi sit around on the couch and relax (as much as having a five year old and a two year old will allow). But I'm not feeling sick every day, just at random days during the week. Maybe I should keep track of what I ate and write that down, there may be a pattern to the sickness. But, hopefully, the sickness means I'm having a girl.

We had another big moment last week, Kaydon turned FIVE years old. He was so excited and had been counting down the days. On his actual birthday, we took him and Colton to Chuck E. Cheese. They had a blast. Kaydon chose to have a campout sleepover with a friend from his class, so that eliminated a big party like we normally have. His friend came and spent this past Saturday, the 14th, at our house. We set up a tent in the backyard and had a fire pit for s'mores. We grilled hotdogs on the grill. Come bed time though, they lasted in the tent for about 10 minutes. It was hot and they were a little scared. Brandon was definitely alright with moving the sleepover portion inside because Texas weather in September is still pretty warm (it gets down to about 90 at night)! We had donuts and played the next morning until his friend had to go home. Overall I think Kaydon had a great birthday and felt extra special!

This brings me to another pregnancy symptom, HORMONES! I have been extra emotional lately! The night before Kaydon's birthday I decided to decorate his bedroom door so he would have to break down the streamers and balloons when he woke up. I took a picture and was posting it to Facebook, when all of a sudden I could not stop crying because my first baby was turning FIVE. In my defense, it was late at night and I was tired. We were already lying in bed when the tears just started flowing. Brandon asked me what the matter was and I just sobbed as I said, "Our baby is five. Where has the time gone?" Luckily I fell asleep quickly and was fine the next day. I wanted to make sure Kaydon had a great day!

Until next week!
~ Kristina

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