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Week 11
~ Another Ultrasound!

Well, the big news this week is that I got to have another ultrasound. Of course, I was very anxious for the day to arrive. The main purpose of this ultrasound was to make sure the baby was growing as he/she should be and that we could double check the heartbeat and verify that there is only one baby.

I arrived at the appointment approximately fifteen minutes early, as they request. I am always baffled as to why they do that because they NEVER get me in on time. My appointment was for 3:30pm and we were finally seen at 4:40pm. Then when I went back to have my weight and blood pressure done, the nurse informed me that my doctor may have to leave at any moment as we was waiting on a call for a delivery. Now I love the fact that he really tries to deliver all of his own patients' babies, but I sure was hoping that after our long wait I wouldn't have to reschedule. Fortunately, it worked out that he got to see me.

I am glad to report that baby looked perfect. It was amazing to see just how much this little bean had grown. The first ultrasound it just looked like a little blurb on the screen, but this time you could actually make out which end was which. We could see the umbilical cord pulsating and a nice strong little heart beating. Doc said all looked perfect and yep, still only one baby.

This was an especially neat appointment as well because we took Dylan and Kaylee with us so that they could see their baby brother or sister. They are both so excited and I figured this was one way that I could help them to feel involved. They both just sat in Daddy's lap in complete awe and my doctor was so kind in explaining everything he saw in terms they could understand. Can I just say I love my doctor? He really is the greatest.

So, we had a great visit and I feel so much better knowing that I am almost through the first trimester. Even though my chances of miscarriage are already quite slim, I think it will still give me some piece of mind when that little milestone of time has passed.

Till next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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