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Week 12
~ To Know or Not to Know . . . That is the Question

After our ultrasound last week my husband and I started on the debate of whether or not to find out the sex of this baby. This has always been on ongoing discussion of ours ever since we decided to try and have another child.

Here's my argument. We found out what the sex of the twins were as soon as we were able and then confirmed on every appointment thereafter just to "make sure" nothing had changed. Given the fact we were having two babies at once, we felt it would be easier to plan for them knowing what we were having. And indeed it was. As we all know, buying baby things is not cheap and given that little insight of information, we were able to buy things according to gender and decorate appropriately that we didn't have to return things or find we had the wrong color.

Given that we did all that, I have basically kept all of their baby items so that when the next baby came I would have it. And I mean, I literally kept everything, right down to socks and cloth diapers. So, for me, I'd like to keep this baby's sex a secret until I give birth. Since I have everything I need for either sex, to me there is no reason to find out. It would be fun to be surprised. Everything else about this baby has pretty much been planned right down to delivery day. So I feel it would be great to at least have this one little surprise. Especially given this will be our last baby.

My husband's argument is that if we find out the sex now, we can get rid of all of the baby items that we don't need and free up some much-needed space in our garage. Plus, he's hoping for another boy.

So I asked Dylan and Kaylee if they would like to know. Depending on the day I ask depends on whether or not they think they do. So no help there.

Other than the kiddos not being able to make up their minds, everyone else pretty much wants to know what I am having except me. So should I just give in and find out??? I'm sort of feeling out numbered here, but I kind of feel like ultimately I should have the final say since I am the one who is carrying this child.

I don't have another ultrasound now until I am about 20 weeks so I guess we'll have some time to debate over it. For now, it's safe to say we are butting heads on this one.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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