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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ A Little Surprise

The biggest event of this week was that I had another doctor's appointment. It was just my normal routine prenatal visit. I always look forward to these even when I don't have any ultrasounds or extra things being done. I guess it's because it just helps me to feel better that all is going well.

For this particular appointment, I was seeing the doc in the morning. So, I decided that I was going to go ahead and take the day off of work. After we moved, we no longer live close to the school that I work at (or the school the kids attend which are one and the same) so it's now a 45 minute drive one way to get to school. So, since I decided to take the day off, I let the kiddos have it off with me. They have each only missed 1 day of school this whole year; so I figured playing hooky just this one-day wouldn't be a big deal. I asked their teacher if there was any work they might miss and she said they were fine to miss the day . . . so off we went.

On the day of the ultrasound my appointment wasn't until 9:15 in the morning, so we were able to sleep in a bit and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at home. I had told the kids that the appointment would probably only take a few minutes, as we weren't going to get to see the baby. They asked a bunch of questions about what the doctor was going to do, so I answered them as best as I could. I didn't really know myself, so I wasn't much help in answering them.

Usually, my doctor is always running behind, so I figured we'd end up waiting past my appointment time. However, we got lucky this time. I had just finished using the restroom and leaving my "sample" and had just sat down and they called me back. They took me to the room where I usually have ultrasounds done and my son even asked if we were getting to see the baby. Again, I told him no, they just must not have had any other rooms available.

So, in comes my doctor. He lays me back on the table and pulls my shirt up and starts squirting the ultrasound goo on me. I was confused, so I asked if he was doing an ultrasound. Well, as it turns out, my doctor wanted to take a little peek at bubs as well, so I got an ultrasound anyway. Although it was quick, I always love seeing the baby. I was thrilled too because Dylan and Kaylee got to see again as well.

So as if that wasn't a surprise enough, when he was done with the scan, he pulled the Doppler out and we got to HEAR the baby's heartbeat. That is such music to any expectant mom's ears. Of course this was the first time the kids had ever heard it and I wish I could have captured the expressions on their little faces. It really was priceless. They just sat there in awe and then had to confirm with the doctor that it was indeed the baby's heartbeat. I think my doctor was a bit tickled with their excitement as well.

So, I ended up getting not one, but two surprises at the appointment. The only disappointment was that my hubby wasn't there with me. Since I didn't think there was going to be a scan, I didn't have him take the time off of work. It would have been nice if he could have seen the scan and heard the heartbeat for the first time with me. However, the kids called him on the way home and told him all about it.

Next appointment won't but until a month from now. At that one we could find out the sex of the baby if we want and baby cooperates. We still haven't come to an agreement on this yet, but I guess we'd better decided sooner rather than later.

Until next time, hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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