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Week 17
~ Impatience

I was sure that I read somewhere that in each subsequent pregnancy you can feel the baby move a bit sooner than the previous. I don't know where I read it or if it was indeed true . . . but I am hoping it is.

For the past week or so I "think" I may have felt the baby move. However, it happens so suddenly and so quickly, I am almost not sure if I did indeed feel anything at all. It also has absolutely no pattern to it. It can be anytime of the day and it can be one time a day or maybe a couple and then I may go a few days with nothing at all. Funny, even though I have been through this before, where this is concerned I feel like it is my first go with it.

I looked back in my journal with the twins and I noted that I thought I felt some movement at around 18 weeks, but nothing consistent until closer to 20 weeks. So, if my above theory is true, than perhaps I am actually feeling the first signs of baby moving.

So, the point of this entry is that I'm getting really impatient waiting for the actual, know for sure, yep that's it, kicks. I think I am so anxious for two reasons. One for the obvious of just feeling that growing baby inside you and getting the reminder that you are indeed growing a little person in there. The other is for the comfort of knowing that the baby is okay. After having gone through a miscarriage, I think you always have in the back of your mind the "what ifs". As much as I try not too, they are of course still there. Also, at this stage of the game, I guess you kind of want another sign that you are pregnant. With the morning sickness gone, the boobs feeling back to normal and nothing really happening, I almost don't really feel pregnant right now. It's that in between stage of nothingness. If it wasn't for the fact of my protruding belly, I might think it has all been a big joke.

So, darn it all . . . I want this little one to let me know he/she is in there. I may regret later asking for this when the baby is elbowing my ribs or jumping on my bladder, but for now I just want that tells all sign.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!
~ Laura

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