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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Another Ultrasound

This week was not too exciting for the most part. Things have been moving along quite well.

I did have my regular OB appointment mid week and as I suspected, no ultrasound. He did go ahead and use the Doppler again, so I got to hear this little one's heartbeat once again. That is just the best sound and baby was moving all around. He could tell by the noises coming through the Doppler that the baby was quite active. The heart was strong at 141 beats per minute. Other than that, he just did the normal feeling of my uterus and made the usual measurements. I told him that I still have people constantly asking me if I am sure its not twins again due to my protruding belly. He assured me that I am right on track and that my uterus is right where it should be. Overall, it was a great, but short appointment. I have my "big" 20-week ultrasound next week, so that one should be more interesting.

As for baby, this little one seems to be doing well. I feel the little bean moving around more and more, but still can't really feel it from the outside. Most of the little kicks and pokes I do feel are quite low on my belly too. I don't remember it being that way when I was pregnant before. It seems like I felt more movement higher up, but I'm not for sure. I'm just very happy that I can feel this baby more and more. Still so anxious for the day that the kids can feel as well.

I did talk to my doctor about my ongoing sinus issues and my desire to not be on meds if possible. He gave me some good suggestions of things to try as he agrees that he rather not put me on any medication unless nothing else works. We've had a lot of wind around here lately and living in the desert it just kicks up all of the dust. So, I am sure that is not helping matters. I'll be trying some of his tips and hopefully I can keep it at bay if nothing else.

I still need to decide if I am going to find out the sex of this baby. Just about everyone but me wants to know, but I still really don't. I have to decide by next week before they do my ultrasound what to do. Hopefully, I'll just wake up one day and it will be solved.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!
~ Laura

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