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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Strange Dreams

I have always heard of woman saying that once they found out they were pregnant, and sometimes even before they knew, that they had strange dreams. To me that was very interesting, although I had never really experienced it myself. I know that I dream because everyone does, but usually, I don't remember my dreams. Occasionally, I'll wake in the middle of the night and can remember bits and pieces, but by morning all recollection of the dream is gone. I've kind of felt a bit short changed by that because to me it's fascinating to try and figure out what dreams mean.

I know when I was pregnant with the twins I didn't have memorable dreams. I was just so grateful to sleep that I just never could remember any of them. Towards the end of the pregnancy, I just plain couldn't sleep.

This time, however, I have been having some of the most vivid dreams. Strangely enough though, most of them are about OTHER women having babies. Women I work with, people I saw in a T.V. show, sometimes even complete strangers. One in particular was about a teacher I work with. In the dream she had come over to my house and was all upset because she had just found out she was pregnant. She knew how upset her family was going to be, as she is not married or even seeing anyone. In the dream I was comforting her telling her it would be okay and that I would help her tell her parents, who ironically are also teachers that I work with. When I woke up and was replaying the dream to myself, I had to start chuckling a bit. This particular teacher is only 24, single, and I'm quite sure still a virgin. She comes from a pretty religious tight-knit family and this "situation" I dreamt her to be in would not ever really happen. I found it to be so weird that I would even dream that about her.

I've had several other dreams about weird situations as well and always find myself wondering why I am dreaming about those particular people. I've yet to have a pregnancy dream about MY baby and myself. I guess our sub-conscious can be quite tricky.

At any rate, I am enjoying finally having some dreams that I can remember. It's kind of like being able to live in a fantasyland that I haven't been allowed to visit.

In other news, baby has been getting quit active. I have been able to feel him kick on the outside now. Of course every time I try to let one of the kids or my husband feel, he stops. Little stinker. One of these days, I hoping he cooperates. I have even seen my belly jump a little from the outside.

I love this time because it makes this whole pregnancy thing seem more real. In the beginning you go thru the morning sickness and sore boobs. Then you kind of settle into this "gray" area where you don't really feel pregnant. Then you jump into the baby moving stage and you are back to feeling pregnant. So it's all good.

Next week I have a baby shower that the staff at the school is throwing for me. They are taking up a money collection rather than buying me actual gifts since I already have so many of the things I'll need. The week after that is the last week of school until summer vacation. Hard to believe I'm already half way done.

So until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!
~ Laura

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