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Week 26
~ I Felt Brother!

Well, we had an exciting moment this week . . . Kaylee got to feel her baby brother kick, for sure, for the first time.

It was quite a big deal. I've been trying for weeks to get this baby to cooperate and keep moving while someone other than me felt him. Of course, every time someone else tried, he'd stop moving. It was getting rather frustrating.

So, we were all sitting on the couch one evening watching T. V. and baby decided to start wiggling. I waited for a few moments to see if it was going to be a one-time thing or if he was going to keep going. He kept at it, so I called Kaylee over to feel my belly. Sure enough . . . he kicked her hand! She looked at me with these wide eyes and a big smile and said. "I felt brother kick!" It was just the sweetest thing. During the course of this whole week, everyone has gotten a chance to feel. My husband can no longer tell me that this pregnancy is all in my head!

Next week I have an appointment with my OB. My doctor is actually out on a sabbatical in Kenya, so I will be seeing his nurse. I was due to have my pap smear in April and somehow we missed it, so I have to have that done at this appointment. Not sure how much baby stuff they will do otherwise.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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