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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 29
~ School Registration

Laura at 29 weeks, 4 daysThis week has not brought about many "baby" changes as far as the baby growing inside of me. Instead it has brought about changes for my other babies. I registered the kids for FIRST grade! Oh my gosh!

I cannot believe that my kids are going to be entering first grade in about a month. Where did all of the time go? Wasn't it just yesterday that they were crawling around on the floor as little toddlers?

In kinder, I was able to keep the kids in the same class. I know some people think you should separate twins when they start school, but for my two, I knew they would do better together. More so for the support of having someone there they knew. My son is pretty outgoing. He's type of kid who will go up to another child at a playground and ask if they would like to play. Kaylee is a bit shyer and it takes her a bit longer to feel comfortable enough to open up. Once she is feeling okay, she's quite outgoing as well though. So I knew that they would really rely on each other for support those first few days of school. However, I also knew that once they felt good, they would branch out on their own. They are not the type of twins that will only play with each other and exclude the other children . . . never have been. The principal of their old school had no problem with them staying together nor did their teacher. They actually sat next to each other until almost the end of the school year as they did so well.

Well, this year they are attending a different school. Again, it was up to the school principal to decide if they could remain together. And again, I wanted them together since this will be a new school and they have to make all new friends. Actually, until such time as they ask to be separated, I would rather they remain together. It works for them and myself. Anyway, I had to wait for the principal to decide how she felt about it. Fortunately, she was fine with it, so looks like they can remain together again this year. So, they are all registered and ready to go. They only have about a month left before school starts, so we'll start our school routine of bedtime etc. in the next week or so to get the prepared. Now I just need to decide if I should continue naps once they start. They did take them when they got home from kinder, which was 3:15pm. They should be home about the same time this year. They both still seem to really need them. I guess we'll just see how it goes. Ugh, all of these decisions!

As for baby . . . he's doing very well. I think he has really shifted positions though. Seems like for the past week that I feel the need to pee all of the time. I don't know if he's on my bladder or what. There are times when he wiggles in there that I need to go NOW! I can tell he's getting bigger because his movements are so much more pronounced. There are times where he kicks or jabs so hard it startles me. I have to chuckle too because frequently the kids will lie up against me to watch T.V. and will lay their heads on my tummy. Next thing you know, they are getting kicked. Kaylee turned around the other night and said, "Hey, quit kicking me"! And of course he kicked again. Made me laugh.

My belly is getting quite big. I am quite happy though as so far, I have NO stretch marks. I'm guessing its because I stretched so much with the twins, that this time my belly is not feeling it so much. I hope I end up not getting any at all. Also, other than the occasional swelling here and there, I can still see my ankles and wear all of my regular shoes. It's nice. I have pretty much gained all of my weight in my belly. With Dylan and Kaylee, I was big all over and miserable. This time, only by belly has really grown. I've attached a picture for you all.

Well, next week I have another doctor appointment and they should be telling me when my c-section is scheduled for. That freaks me out a bit. I think that is really going to make this all real and make me realize what a short time it is before this little guy arrives.

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs!

~ Laura

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