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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Ahhh . . . My Aching Skin???

I can honestly say that this is a pregnancy symptom that I don't remember having with the twins. My skin literally aches.

It started out with a bit of a sore lower back. I figured I slept funny or something, no big deal. Well, within a couple of days I had the strangest sensation moving across my skin. It almost feels like your skin does right before you visually see a bruise. The skin is very tender to the touch and hurts if you bump it. It wasn't on my belly though but rather across my lower back, hips, upper thighs and chest. It was to the point where I didn't want anyone touching me at all because it was so sore. To top it off, I must have hurt my back some, because that was quite painful as well. I also was experiencing some pelvic pain. For a couple of days there, I could hardly move and trying to sleep at night was almost impossible. I have never felt that before in my pregnancies and it was quite strange. Fortunately, it only lasted about three days and now feels much better.

After the whole skin issue, I started to feel dizzy. Well, more lightheaded really. Primarily when I would get up to walk around I would feel "off". Like it took my vision a minute to catch up with my head. I never felt like I was going to fall or be sick or anything like that . . . just off. That lasted about 2 1/2 days. I did call my doctors office about it to see if they thought perhaps I was low on iron or anything. Basically, the nurse told me that my blood pressure has been great, I've not tested for low iron and all other blood work has come back great thus far. She told me to drink more water. Now, I've been drinking like a fish, or so I thought, but I went ahead and upped it and I will say the dizziness is gone. Since we live in such a hot climate, perhaps I just wasn't taking in enough. Either way, I am glad it has passed.

I did have a doctor appointment this week. He did the usual measuring of my belly and listened to the heartbeat. All was good. Dylan and Kaylee were with me, so I always like when they get to listen as well. Overall, it was a very quick appointment as he had a patient who had just called prior to my appointment to inform him she was 8 cm dilated and at the hospital so he kind of needed to get a move on. Things were good and I am now on every two-week appointments.

I was supposed to find out when my c-section was going to be, but I guess the gal at the hospital who schedules those was out for a surgery. I go to my doctor again in a couple of weeks though and they should know by then. I'm feeling a bit nervous about that. It will really make everything seem real and like it's coming to an end. I'm okay with that in most respects expect one. The nursery and clothes and diapers are all done and bought. However, this child still has no name. We just can't seem to come up with something that we both like. I keep teasing that his name will be "TBD" . . . to be determined--ha!

Until next time . . . hugs and belly rubs.

~ Laura

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