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Lauara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Dr. Appointments and Blood Tests

I had called my OB to make my first appointment with them when they informed me that I needed to go to my primary doctor to have them confirm my pregnancy. Once they did that, I needed that office to submit a referral to my insurance company so that I could change my primary physician to my OB for my prenatal care.

So, on Thursday I headed into my Family Practitioner for yet another pregnancy test. Of course by now, I have already taken several including a digital just to MAKE SURE I was pregnant. I had Dylan and Kaylee with me as we had to leave right from school to get to my appointment on time. They did the usual weight, blood pressure, temp etc. and then had me go pee in a cup. The kids and I headed back into the exam room and waited for the nurse to come back in. It was fun because she did the test right there and let the kids watch as they dye moved across the test. Then she asked the kids how many lines they could see and they both said "two"! It came up right away which was nice to see.

After the test the doctor came in to talk to me and confirm my due date. She also gave me a prescription for my prenatal vitamins. I did discuss with her my concerns since my last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and my first pregnancy was twins. She agreed to order a blood test to check my hcg levels.

We headed over the lab right from the doctor's office. Here they work on a walk in basis and I wasn't sure how busy it would be. Fortunately, it wasn't a long wait, which was good since the kids were still with me. They were also gracious enough to allow the kids back with me instead of making me leave them unattended in the waiting room. They both found it fascinating to watch mommy get stuck with a needle and were not at all concerned with me but instead wanted a blow by blow of how EXACTLY it felt. Gotta love kids.

I got the results the following day. At 5 weeks even, my hcg levels were 3172, which they assured me was right where they should be.

After speaking with my OB office regarding the blood results, they went ahead and requested I do another two blood draws to see if my hcg levels were going up. My subsequent draws proved to be doing well. The second came in at 10335 and the third came in at 19616. So both my OB's office and myself were pleased with those results. They also scheduled me for my first ultrasound for February 1st. I'll be 7 week 1 day. I can hardly wait and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through the next two weeks of waiting.

Up until this point it's so hard to still even believe that I am pregnant. I don't feel any different other than my boobs are sore. I was very lucky in my last two pregnancies in that I didn't suffer from morning sickness and I am hoping this time will be the same. Other than no period and positive pregnancy tests, I wouldn't have a clue.

So, now I just have to hang out and wait. I am not good at waiting . . . I'm an impatient person when it comes to things of this nature, but I'm going to try. I work at my kids' school, so hopefully that will help pass the time a bit. Yeah right!

~ Laura

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